The 2001 AOS Opal and Gem Show was a great success!!!  A good turnout, with great a selection of dealers, made the event a special time.

Many opal dealers were present.  A number of informative opal symposiums were also presented.

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Here are some of our AOS members who volunteered to run the show, including Eva Coan, Faye McDowell, Pete Goetz, Hisako Schlatter. and Bob Olinskas, helping our guard to look cheerful.

Bonita_Chamberlin1.JPG (97579 bytes)Leslie_Neff_Larry_Hoskinson.JPG (88354 bytes)tim_thomas.JPG (87751 bytes)

Our quest speaker, Bonita Chamberlin, thrilled us with her tales of gem hunting and dangerous travels in Afghanistan.  Leslie Neff and Larry Hoskinson spoke about their opal hunting experiences in Coober Pedy, While Tim Thomas of Opals by Tibera spoke of the Boulder Opal of the Hayricks in Queensland.

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Clare Gagnon is demonstrating a very complex gem cut.

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Member / Dealers Carol Bova and Wes Roth showed some good stuff this year..

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Joseph Hallimmachmur of Amore Gems and Barbara McCondra Outback Gems.

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red_on_black.JPG (72999 bytes)opal_necklace.JPG (87343 bytes)opal_fossils.JPG (92434 bytes)opal_whale_bone.JPG (94348 bytes)

David Burton of Lapidary International shows off some of his black opal, and some interesting precious opal fossils, including a opalized whale bone.

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Here are some of our dealers, including Dandi Designs and the Daveys of Academy Enterprises.

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New dealer Dick Miller, along with veteran dealers Eric Scott and Greg Howell.

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Cory Harris was a new dealer, along with J & J Gemstones, with Geoffrey Genzmer and veteran dealer Ken Pleasants.

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We also had Lasco Tools, with new dealer, Eric Dolvik of Norscott and Jeff and Kerry Chappell of Yowah Opals Ltd.