2010 Opal & Gem Photos

The 2010 AOS Opal and Gem Show was a great success!!!  Here are some great pictures of those who made it possible.

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Mexican Opals - Los Laureles
Mexican Opal
White  House
Pete Goetz & Gene LeVan
Daniel Toledo's lion
Daniel Toledo pendant
Daniel Toledo pendant
Daniel Toledo
black opal pendant
Fire agate ring
Black opal ring
fire opal
Pendant by Custom Creative 
Leopard Opal
Leopard Opal Paper
Sal Chavez
Dale Atkins, Kim & Karen Lambert
Stan McCall
Lora Heidrich
Utopian Opal
Ethiopian black based opal
Leopard opal paper
Matti Tikka & Ruben
LR Opal
Grey based LR opal
Mexican Opal
Evelyn Nissan, Bob Dixon, Eva Coan
President Pete Goetz
Jay Carey
Andrew DeBoar
David Pickerign
David Burton Seminar
David Burton Seminar
David Burton opal split 
Black opal Knobby possibly a keyhole limpet fossil?
West Wing
Stan Pegrim & Jim Rose
George Andrus
Gem World, Inc.
A Spencer Opal Triplet

Rich Ashbrook

Bob Gilliand

Skip Cone, Demostrator


Jim Lambert, Member

Demonstrator Virgina Pace

The White House

The White House

The West End

Ron Reynolds

Shinko Lin

Utopian Opal

David Burton


Craig Aaker

David Burton of Lapidary International

The Petersons

Precious Opal for Peterson Opal

Corey Kuepper and Security

Pete Goetz doing the raffle

Some of the Guests waiting for the drawing

Jay Carey, Veronica Purpura, and Pete Goetz at the front desk

Eva Coan, Member

Some of the prizes at the Raffle

Security and Whitehouse Staff

Stan McCall of Custom Creative drawing the grand prize

Sunset at the Opal & Gem Show

White House