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Date: September 10, 2005 at 03:50:01
From: David, [qdsl.actionnet.net]
Subject: Re: Louisiana Opal

Ball and sphere ARE synonyms. I don't have the
foggiest idea what this guy is talking about. I
stumbled across this thread when I googled
Louisiana Opal. I have some rough that I'm going
to cut and sell on eBay as a Red Cross Charity
Auction. I'd hold onto your Louisiana Opal sphere
(unless you want to do your own eBay Charity
Auction!). The material is EXTREMELY scarce. My
understanding is that the entire deposit, all that
was ever mined, or found, was a trench really no
bigger than a tractor trailer. That's a lot of rock if
you're the mine owner, but when you spread it out
amongst rockhounds and opal enthusiasts around
the world, it's GONE! I remember visiting New
Orleans in the mid 90's and seeing a small retail
shop in the River Walk mall right off the French
Quarter that sold nothing but Louisiana Opal
Jewlery. I went back the next year and the shop
was long gone and there was none to be found
anywhere. I got one chunk at a Gem & Mineral
Show in Detroit around '91 or '92. Enjoy your
sphere. I would refrain from calling any stone
sphere a ball as it might tempt someone to try and
bounce it...... ;^ ) --- david v. horste, dvhdesigns

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