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Opal Express Archive Table of Contents

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Topic Year/Month
Anaheim Beautiful2019 August
Opals round the World $10,000.00 ball point pen / Indonesia limb cast / Ethiopia limb cast / Virgin Valley opal2019 July
Opal Live Auction Meeting Information2019 June
Taking Care of Opals2019 May
Opals round the World Common Opal / Other Varieties / Australian Opal2019 April
Procedure for Cutting Opal Triplet2019 April
Carvin' Marvin2019 March
James Joseph Pisani2019 March
Marvin L.Wilson on Opal Carving2019 March
Pharaoh’s Head2018 September
Comes Out of Hiding in $50 Million Deal2018 September
Brad's Bench Tips for September2018 September
Moissanite: The Second Hardest Mineral in Nature2018 September
Rock Science: Lithium - The Battery Metal2018 September
16 Opal Rings to Love (Even If you're not an October Baby)2018 September
Star Pattern Opal from Wyoming Opal Fields2018 August
A Beautiful Yowah Nut2018 August
Mineral Never Seen on Earth Found Inside Russian Meteorite2018 August
The Largest and Most Significant Black Gem2018 August
It Takes the Right Rock to Sequester Carbon2018 August
Mysterious Meteorite came from 'Lost Planet'2018 August
How do Dendrites Form?2018 August
The World's Largest Crystals2018 August
Opal Buying Guide2018 July
What Is “Frac Sand”?2018 July
Evaluating Turquoise2018 July
12 Interesting Facts about Rocks and Minerals2018 July
Definition of the Month: Mimetolith2018 July
AOS Auction Item Description Form2018 June
Nature’s Beauty2018 June
World's Largest Freshwater Pearl Up for Auction2018 June
De Beers Stoops to New Line of Man-Made Diamond Jewelry2018 June
Howardite, AKA Rattlesnake Jasper2018 June
AOS Video Tape Library Conversion to Digital2018 May
Opal Show Fundraiser2018 May
Cause of Contra-luz Type of Play-of-Color in Precious Opal:2018 May
Precious, Black, Fire, Boulder, Jelly, Crystal, White Opal2018 May
President’s Message - Properties of Light (part 3)2018 April
The World's First Recorded Opalised Pearls Discovered2018 April
What Is Moldavite, and How to Spot Fake Moldavite?2018 April
This Glitter-Filled Algae Is a Living Opal2018 April
Candy Strip Opal2018 April
Tourmaline2018 April
President’s Message - Properties of Light (part 2)2018 March
Opal Show Fundraiser2018 March
The ancient Greek Masterpiece Etched on a Tiny Gemstone2018 March
Found Trapped in a Diamond: Ice Not Known on Earth2018 March
ICE IX (Ice Nine)2018 March
President’s Message - Properties of Light (part 1)2018 February
Introducing New Petrified Wood with Blue Opal2018 February
Blue Diamond 'Worth Tens of Millions' Discovered2018 February
Dig Your Own Unique Opals from Nevada2018 February
The Largest Gold Nugget Ever Found In Alaska2018 February
Ticks Trapped in Amber Were Likely Sucking Dinosaur Blood2018 February
AOS Jan. 24rd Meeting: Opal Cutting Seminar2018 January
Where to find Opals in Oregon?2018 January
‘Precious’ and ‘Semi-Precious’ Classifications Obsolete?2018 January
Twenty Mule Team Road2018 January
Will Tesla Die for Lack of Cobalt?2017 December
What is a Trapiche Emerald?2017 December
Fake, Synthetic, Treated, and Misclassified Rocks2017 December
Opal Show Drawing2017 November
Opal Show Dealers2017 November
AOS Show Lyaout2017 November
Types of Opal with Photos2017 November
Opal, Gem and Jewelry Show Status2017 October
October 25, 2017 Program: Opal Mining in Australia2017 October
New Deposit of Black Opal from Ethiopia2017 October
Why We Value Gemstones2017 October
World's Largest Flawless Diamond Up For Auction2017 October
Napoleon's Black Opal2017 October
Rainbow Lattice Sunstone2017 October
Opal Society Assists Arts Council at Art Crawl2017 September
Opal Ponking2017 September
Tiffany Opal Necklace2017 September
Opal Mining: A Damn Good Way to Get Yourself Killed2017 September
Slovakian Opal Information2017 September
The Largest and Most Significant Black Crystal Ever Found2017 September
California Woman Went for Gold, Found Diamond Instead2017 September
Exceptional Opal Found at Bonanza Mine2017 September
Anaheim Art Crawl on August 19th2017 August
AOS Aug. 23rd Meeting: Opal Cutting Seminar2017 August
25 Opal Engagement Rings That Are Beyond Chic2017 August
Inside The Opal Min(D) of Veronica Purpura2017 July
July Speaker - Steve Hardinger on Gypsum2017 July
Jewelry Bench Tips2017 July
Opal Miners Fear for the Future of Their Outback Town2017 July
How Do Opalised Fossils Form?2017 July
Ancient Roman Concrete Outperforms Our Own2017 July
Inside The Opal Min(D) of Russ Madsen2017 June
12th AOS Live Auction on June 28th2017 June
AOS Live Auction Rules2017 June
The Searchers Have Lost a Gem2017 June
This 2.27 Kg Opal is the Largest Black Opal in the World2017 June
Follow up on John Hall’s Famous Opal, the Eye of the Dragon2017 June
World's Largest Gold Crystal Found2017 June
5 Top Spots to Fossick for Opals2017 June
Opal Rush Coober Pedy;Miners Flocking to Reopened Land2017 June
Inside the Opal Min(d) of Kathy James2017 May
What to do When a Snake Bites You on a Remote Trail?2017 May
Tiffany and Dior reviving Aussie opals, but can Lightning Ridge and Coober Pedy maintain supply?2017 May
Inside the Opal Min(d) of LaVerne Christenson2017 April
In Memoriam – John E. Hall Jr. (1920-2016)2017 April
Linda Queally – April Speaker2017 April
Why is Australian opal Unique?2017 April
Chapter 66 - The Last Chance2017 April
Where Does All Earth’s Gold Come From?2017 April
Inside The Opal Min(d): Pete Goetz...2017 March
Arts Council Gala Fund Raiser Event2017 March
KYOCERA Kyoto Opal Used in Textile2017 March
The Giant Nephrite Jade Road in Canada2017 March
Inheriting a National Treasure: Aunt Jane Austen's Ring2017 March
Rare $675,000 Opal Makes Public Debut2017 February
Opal Miners Struggling to Meet Asian Demand,2017 February
Chapter 64 - Excitement of the Share Cut2017 February
New Look for Contra Luz Opal2017 February
Mood-Transforming Opal Rings2017 January
Local Jewelry Maker Finds Inspiration in Opal2017 January
Opal-Studded Meteorite Hints at Origins of Earth's Water2017 January
Opal Overhead2017 January
Spectacular Cargo of Ancient Shipwreck Found in Caesarea2017 January
The Mysterious Sunken Treasure of the Salton Sea2016 December
Huge Meteorite “Gancedo” Found in Argentina2016 December
After 11,700 Years, World's Oldest Plant Gains Refuge2016 December
Optical Phenomena in Gemstones2016 November
Never Judge by Looks2016 November
$100 Million Pearl Was Kept Under a Bed for 10 Years2016 September
Big Opal Finds Prove Elusive in Australia2016 September
Calif. Prospector Finds Steak-Sized Gold Nugget2016 September
Antarctic Meteorite Found Containing Opal, Scientists Say2016 September
Members Only Website Password2016 August
Opal Show News2016 August
AOS Facebook Page2016 August
Important General Meeting Information2016 August
AOS Aug. 24th Meeting:  Opal Cutting Seminar2016 August
Lightning Ridge Opal for Sale at Aug. 24th Meeting2016 August
President’s Message2016 August
Pete’s Opal Surprise2016 August
Photographer Fred Ward Witnessed, Captured History2016 August
Chapter 59 - The Death of the VW2016 August
August 2016 Gem & Mineral Shows2016 August
Members Only Website Password2016 July
AOS July 27th Meeting:  Cutting Black Opal2016 July
Opal Show News2016 July
AOS Facebook Page2016 July
Important General Meeting Information2016 July
Diane Lynn Nelson Obituary2016 July
How America was conned into Buying Diamonds2016 July
12 Most Expensive Gemstones in the World2016 July
Chapter 58 - The Confession2016 July
July 2016 Gem & Mineral Shows2016 July
Members Only Website Password2016 June
Opal Show News2016 June
AOS Facebook Page2016 June
Important New Meeting Information2016 June
Eleventh AOS Live Auction on June 22nd2016 June
AOS Live Auction Rules2016 June
Cutting Virgin Valley Opal2016 June
Collecting and Investing in Colored Gemstones2016 June
Opal Gets a Bad Rap at Home but Definitely Not Overseas2016 June
Prospecting for Opal in the Mojave Desert2016 June
Chapter 57 - The End of a Ratter2016 June
June 2016 Gem & Mineral Shows2016 June
Members Only Website Password2016 May
Speaker for the May 25th General Meeting2016 May
AOS Facebook Page2016 May
Important New Meeting and Show Information2016 May
'Lightning Claw' Dinosaur Found in Australia2016 May
The Bom Jesus: Namibia’s Ancient Shipwreck2016 May
Chapter 56 – Santa’s Visit2016 May
The Rainbow Serpent Opal2016 May
May 2016 Gem & Mineral Shows2016 May
Members Only Website Password2016 April
Important New Meeting and Show Information2016 April
Rare opals worth more than $1m donated to SA Museum2016 April
Chapter 55 – “A Quiet Christmas”2016 April
Story Behind the New Gemstone: Aquaprase2016 April
Designer Spotlight: Irene Neuwirth2016 April
April 2016 Gem & Mineral Shows2016 April
Members Only Website Password2016 March
President’s Message2016 March
Important New Meeting and Show Information2016 March
Opal Society Members Enter Juried Show2016 March
Small Idaho Town as Landmark Opal Gem Destination2016 March
Shirley Temple's Rare Blue Diamond Ring to be Auctioned2016 March
A Chemistry Lesson from L.A.'s Shade Balls2016 March
Hiker Finds Rare Gold Coin in Israel2016 March
Chapter 54 – “The Conclusion”2016 March
Lightning Ridge Collection by John Ford Dazzles at Oscars2016 March
March & April 2016 Gem & Mineral Shows2016 March
Members Only Website Password2016 February
February Speaker – Russ Madsen on Volcanic Opal2016 February
Important New Meeting and Show Information2016 February
$10,000 Ballpoint Pen2016 February
Opalized Limb Cast from Indonesia2016 February
Limb Casts – Ethiopia2016 February
Precious Opal from the Virgin Valley2016 February
Chapter 53 – “Plane Crash”2016 February
Members Only Website Password2016 January
President’s Message2016 January
Mokume-gane2016 January
Stone that Was Once More Precious Than Gold2016 January
Chapter 52 – “The Promise”2016 January
Famous Opal Lovers2016 January
January 2016 Gem & Mineral Shows2016 January
Members Only Website Password2015 December
The Opal Show -  Resounding Success!2015 December
Christmas Party Potluck this Dec. 10th2015 December
Rare Blue Diamond Sells for Record $48.5 Million at Auction2015 December
From Rags to Riches - Chapter 51 – “Loads of Dirt”2015 December
8 Opal Jewels to Keep Us Celebrating October’s Birthstone2015 December
12 Most Expensive Gemstones in the World2015 December
December 2015 Gem & Mineral Shows2015 December
Members Only Website Password2015 October
October Speaker Recap – Stan McCall2015 October
American Opal Society Calendar2015 October
Sutra’s Australian Opal Doublet Bib Necklace2015 October
Award to Honor Late Opal Carver2015 October
Chapter 50 – “The New Claim”2015 October
We Hiked the Inyo Bucket Brigade2015 October
October 2015 Gem & Mineral Shows2015 October
Members Only Website Password2015 September
American Opal Society Calendar2015 September
Great Presentation from Lothar Vallot2015 September
Eye of the Jeweler’s Bench - A Day in the Life2015 September
Treasure Hunter Unearths Opals2015 September
Chapter 49 – “What a Disappointment”2015 September
Home for Dinosaur Fossils with Extra Opal at Lightning Ridge2015 September
Gemstone found in Utah Rarer than Diamond2015 September
Obsidian: A Biography2015 September
September 2015 Gem & Mineral Shows2015 September
Members Only Website Password2015 August
American Opal Society Calendar2015 August
Last Month – Andamooka BBQ2015 August
The Finest Opal Ever Unearthed will be Displayed2015 August
Chapter 48 – No Colour – No Potch2015 August
Mineral Collecting Spots Lost to Government and to Greed!2015 August
What to do When a Snake Bites you on a Remote Trail?2015 August
Epsom Salts Monorail Railroad2015 August
August 2015 Gem & Mineral Shows2015 August
Members Only Website Password2015 July
American Opal Society Calendar2015 July
How Dangerous Is a Broken Fluorescent Bulb?2015 July
Pete Goetz on How to Treat Andamooka Matrix Opal2015 July
Chapter 47 – Another Try2015 July
Search for Opals in Northern Nevada's Virgin Valley2015 July
Rock Hunting Along Pioneer Trails in the Trinities2015 July
Tenth AOS Live Auction on June 11th2015 June
AOS Live Auction Rules2015 June
American Opal Society Calendar2015 June
Members Only Website Password2015 June
$3 Million Black Opal Goes on Sale in Las Vegas2015 June
Opal-Inspired Material Changes Color When Stretched2015 June
The Story of Victoria Stone2015 June
Dog Discovers $18,000 Diamond While Sniffing a Bush2015 June
Lorraine Schwartz Opals with the Stars2015 June
Chapter 46 - The Narrow Escape2015 June
June 2015 Gem & Mineral Shows2015 June
May Meeting Agenda – Opal Cutting Seminar2015 May
Make Your Own Opals2015 May
American Opal Society Calendar2015 May
Members Only Website Password2015 May
Dazzled by Australia's precious opals2015 May
Household Products That Can Be Used As Rock Cleaners2015 May
From Rags to Riches: Chapter 45 - Claim Jumpers Reward2015 May
Capt. Kidd's Treasure Found off Madagascar, Report Says2015 May
Lovely Unusual Gem2015 May
May 2015 Gem & Mineral Shows2015 May
Terraforming Mars in 250 Years!2015 April
AOS Historical Records Gone Digital2015 April
American Opal Society Calendar2015 April
Harold Hodges’ Opal Teeth2015 April
Members Only Website Password2015 April
The Bonanza Opal2015 April
Trove of Gold Coins in Israel Unearthed from Ancient Harbor2015 April
132-year-old Winchester rifle found against desert tree2015 April
Navajo Sandstone Iron Concretions vs. Martian Blueberries2015 April
Chapter 44 - Advice from the Expert2015 April
April 2015 Gem & Mineral Shows2015 April
Members Only Website Password2015 March
General Meeting Lecture – Opal Canyon2015 March
Anaheim Arts Council Fundraiser2015 March
American Opal Society Calendar2015 March
A Recent Discovery of Blue Opal in Western Idaho2015 March
Chapter 43 - The Hunts Begins2015 March
January 2015 Gem & Mineral Shows2015 March
Members Only Website Password2015 February
General Meeting Lecture2015 February
Calculating the Value of Scrap Gold2015 February
American Opal Society Calendar2015 February
Trench Art2015 February
Are There Gold and Opal on Mars?2015 February
The Red Robin2015 February
Chapter 42 - The Right Choice2015 February
Thirteenth Annual Sinkankas Symposium - Opal2015 February
2015 Tucson Gem and Mineral Shows2015 February
Members Only Website Password2015 January
January Meeting – Pamela Strong’s Book, Where is the Light2015 January
American Opal Society Calendar2015 January
Chinese Writing2015 January
Remember, "If It Can't Be Grown, It Must Be Mined"2015 January
Agate Varieties2015 January
Silver Discoloration2015 January
From Rags to Riches - Chapter 41 - The Dream Continues2015 January
January 2015 Gem & Mineral Shows2015 January
Quartzsite 2015 Show Calendar2015 January
Quartzsite 2015 Show Map2015 January
Opal Show was a Great Success!2014 December
Members Only Website Password2014 December
Christmas Party Potluck this Dec. 11th2014 December
American Opal Society Calendar2014 December
Beautiful Boulder Opal2014 December
How Animals Hacked Rainbow and Got Stumped on Blue2014 December
Wire Wrap Jewelry: A History from the Past to the Present2014 December
Ethiopian Welo Opal: Cutting Tips2014 December
Amateur Treasure Hunter Finds 22,000 Roman Coins 2014 December
Well Cut Stones2014 December
December 2014 Gem & Mineral Shows2014 December
Members Only Website Password2014 November
The Opal, Gem, and Jewelry Show is HERE!2014 November
American Opal Society Calendar2014 November
2014 Opal, Gem & Jewelry Show Free Seminars2014 November
2014 Opal, Gem & Jewelry Show Dealers2014 November
Huge Gold Nugget Going Up For Sale in California2014 November
6-pound gold chunk sells for $400K2014 November
The Beautiful Fukang Meteorite2014 November
Introduction to Opal Carving and Contouring2014 November
Beautiful Boulder Opal2014 November
November 2014 Gem & Mineral Shows2014 November
President’s Message2014 October
Members Only Website Password2014 October
What Price Is the Right Price?2014 October
Queensland Opals Still in Demand Internationally2014 October
Elvo Matrix2014 October
The Gem of Passion2014 October
Meet Stan Ross, Maestro of the Metal Detector2014 October
Dangerous Geology: Who Put the Quick in Quicksand?2014 October
How to Escape from Quicksand2014 October
October 2014 Gem & Mineral Shows2014 October
Members Only Website Password2014 September
September Meeting Agenda: Opal Cutting Seminar – PART 2!2014 September
An Ancient Threat Awakens In California2014 September
Where to Find Opals in Oregon2014 September
Old Man, Black Opal2014 September
From Russia with Jade2014 September
September 2014 Gem & Mineral Shows2014 September
Members Only Website Password2014 August
August Meeting Agenda: Opal Cutting Seminar”2014 August
Last Month’s Speaker:   Stan McCall on “Inlay with a Twist”2014 August
Weekend Escape: Royal Peacock Mine, Nev.2014 August
Discussion Blog – Louisiana Opal2014 August
Opal Hunters in Last Chance Canyon2014 August
August 2014 Gem & Mineral Shows2014 August
President’s Message2014 July
Members Only Website Password2014 July
July Meeting Speaker:   Stan McCall on “Inlay with a Twist”2014 July
Fluorescent Opal in Virgin Valley2014 July
Ammolite Jewelry and Gemstone Information2014 July
116 Years of Opal History2014 July
Gem Profile: Vesuvianite2014 July
July 2014 Gem & Mineral Shows2014 July
Members Only Website Password2014 June
Ninth AOS Live Auction on June 12th2014 June
AOS Live Auction Rules2014 June
Incredible Space Stone has a Nebula Trapped Inside2014 June
Wyoming Jade Putters2014 June
Diaspore or Zultanite?2014 June
Popigai Crater & Impact Diamonds2014 June
Ethiopia: Rough Gem Exports to Be Banned2014 June
The Opal's Fire2014 June
June 2014 Gem & Mineral Shows2014 June
Members Only Website Password2014 May
Words to Dig By2014 May
Last Month’s Speaker – Jim Bowden on Rattlesnakes2014 May
Lost Mule Shoe Gold2014 May
Russia Pulls Huge 'Chelyabinsk Meteor Chunk' From Lake2014 May
Be Different - Buy the Royal Newborn a Gemstone Rattle2014 May
Million Dollar Opals2014 May
May 2014 Gem & Mineral Shows2014 May
Members Only Website Password2014 April
Last Month’s Speaker: Welo Opals by Gabriel Mosesson2014 April
A Trip to the Royal Peacock Mine in the Virgin Valley2014 April
Gold-bearing Tellurides2014 April
Man Unearths 2.89 Carat White Diamond at Arkansas Park2014 April
Bumblebee Agate / Jasper2014 April
Spinel2014 April
Oscar Jewelry!2014 April
Diamond No Longer Nature's Hardest Material2014 April
April 2014 Gem & Mineral Shows2014 April
Members Only Website Password2014 March
March Speaker: Welo Opals by Gabriel Mosesson2014 March
Luminescence of Opals: A Witness to Their Geochemistry2014 March
AOS Calendar for 20142014 March
Geology of Opal Fields in the Lightning Ridge Region2014 March
BBQ Craft Faire and Boutique on May 10 in Anaheim2014 March
Opal Mining Town Faces Exodus2014 March
California Couple Finds $10M Buried Treasure in Back Yard2014 March
Ancient Uses of Minerals2014 March
Tourists Duped in Fake Opal Scam2014 March
Australian Black Opal2014 March
March 2014 Gem & Mineral Shows2014 March
President’s Message2014 February
Travel Channel show “Gem Hunt” on Ethiopian Welo Opal2014 February
Members Only Website Password2014 February
AOS Calendar for 20142014 February
Last Month – Gregg Bunch on Lab Created Quartz Crystals2014 February
Smoke Treatment in Wollo Opal2014 February
Water Loving Opal from the Deserts of Ethiopia2014 February
Synthetic Opal, Doublets & Triplets2014 February
Opal Photography2014 February
February 2014 Gem & Mineral Shows2014 February
President’s Message2014 January
Members Only Website Password2014 January
January Speaker – Gregg Bunch on Lab Created Quartz2014 January
Opal Mystery Shows Red Centre's Links to Red Planet2014 January
The Formation of Precious Opal2014 January
Grinding, Sanding & Polishing Procedures2014 January
Never Buy Jewelry Cleaner Again!2014 January
Man Finds a 2.95-Carat Diamond in an Arkansas State Park2014 January
Would You Buy a 'Man-Made' Diamond?2014 January
Carving the Commissioned Sunstone2014 January
January 2014 Gem & Mineral Shows2014 January
AOS Calendar for 20142014 January
Christmas Party Potluck this Dec. 12th2013 December
Members Only Website Password2013 December
Ethiopian Welo Opal2013 December
AOS Calendar for 20132013 December
Reversible Choker Wins Opal Award2013 December
Opal: Australia's Troubled Gemstone2013 December
Hackmanite: A New Star Gemstone2013 December
Opal Grading System Aims To Restore Confidence2013 December
Gold Rush Era Discards Could Fuel Cellphones, TVs2013 December
$4 Million Gemstone-Studded Christmas Wreath2013 December
Biggest opal in the world. 900 plus Carats2013 December
December 2013 Gem & Mineral Shows2013 December
Opal, Gem and Jewelry Show a Big Success!2013 November
AOS Calendar for 20132013 November
Members Only Website Password2013 November
Uranium Gives Opal its Shine2013 November
Purple and Blue Gold2013 November
Auctioneer shows off  World's Greatest White Diamond 2013 November
Weird and Wonderful Ways to use Opal2013 November
From Rags to Riches2013 November
Which Opal is a Natural Black Opal?2013 November
12-Year-Old Apex Boy Unearths 5-Carat Diamond2013 November
Opal Offers Remedy for Contamination at Nuclear Sites2013 November
November 2013 Gem & Mineral Shows2013 November
2013 Opal, Gem and Jewelry Show Dealers2013 November
Dr Brandon Browne, CSUF, Mammoth Volcano2013 October
Members Only Website Password2013 October
AOS Calendar for 20132013 October
Outback Opals2013 October
From Rags to Riches: Ch 39 – Trapped at Boundary Rider2013 October
Rare gold coin from 1880 sells for $2.75M at auction2013 October
Gem's Value Sank Like a Rock2013 October
The Art of Opal Cutting2013 October
October 2013 Gem & Mineral Shows2013 October
Jim Bowden on the History of Gold Rushes of So. California2013 September
Members Only Website Password2013 September
AOS Calendar for 20132013 September
Uncovered: The Truth about Opal Formation2013 September
A National Travesty2013 September
Far Out: Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Came from Outer Space2013 September
From Rags to Riches - Ch.38 - New Claim and Directions2013 September
Rough Cut Ban U-Turn in Bid to Boost Mining Revenue2013 September
A Star-Shaped Piece of Benitoite2013 September
Topaz, Amber, Pearls, Gold, Emeralds And Jade2013 September
September 2013 Gem & Mineral Shows2013 September
President’s Message2013 August
August Speaker: Justin Zzyzx on So. Cal. Agates2013 August
AOS Calendar for 20132013 August
Members Only Website Password2013 August
Introduction to Smoke Treated Welo Ethiopia Opals. NFS2013 August
From Rags to Riches: Ch 37 New Friends and Exciting News2013 August
Opal Mining: A Damn Good Way to Get Yourself Killed2013 August
Gold! $250K in Centuries-old Coins Found2013 August
Would You Buy a 'Man-Made' Diamond?2013 August
Miner's Shares Surge After It Finds 100-Carat Diamond2013 August
August 2013 Gem & Mineral Shows2013 August
July Speaker: Justin Zzyzx on So. Cal. Agates2013 July
AOS Calendar for 20132013 July
Members Only Website Password2013 July
Opal from the High Plains2013 July
The Geology and Global Politics Of Rare Earths2013 July
From Rags to Riches – Ch. 36 – Painted Ladies2013 July
July 2013 Gem & Mineral Shows2013 July
Eighth AOS Live Auction on June 14th2013 June
AOS Live Auction Rules2013 June
AOS Calendar for 20132013 June
Members Only Website Password2013 June
Photographing Gems— A Minimalist Approach2013 June
Ethiopian Opal Agony and Ecstasy2013 June
From Rags to Riches – Ch. 35 A Change of Strategy2013 June
June 2013 Gem & Mineral Shows2013 June
Members Only Website Password2013 May
Polishing Tips2013 May
Bench Tips2013 May
AOS Calendar for 20132013 May
All’s not Smooth at Velvet2013 May
From Rags to Riches – Ch 34 – Opals Galore2013 May
How Do We Know the Age of the Earth?2013 May
It’s not a Collection until its Organized!2013 May
May 2013 Gem & Mineral Shows2013 May
President’s Message2013 April
Members Only Website Password2013 April
April Speaker: Justin Zzyzx on So. Cal. Agates2013 April
AOS Calendar for 20132013 April
Setting Opals in a Closed Back Setting?2013 April
Green Meteorite May be From Mercury, a First2013 April
From Rags to Riches2013 April
Dowsing for Minerals?2013 April
April 2013 Gem & Mineral Shows2013 April
President’s Message2013 March
March Speaker: Michael Greyshock on Gold Detecting2013 March
Members Only Website Password2013 March
Anaheim Arts Council Annual Fund Raiser2013 March
AOS Calendar for 20132013 March
How to Kill Your Club in 13 Easy Steps2013 March
And How to Resurrect an Ailing Club2013 March
Bernhardt Holtermann and the Gold Nugget2013 March
Opal Discovery Sparks Industry Excitement2013 March
From Rags to Riches2013 March
Owhyee Jasper2013 March
Mexican Fire Opal2013 March
Drop of Water Test for Topaz2013 March
More Words to Dig By2013 March
March 2013 Gem & Mineral Shows2013 March
New Opal & Gem Show Venue Status2013 February
Free Opal And Petrified Wood Collecting in Virgin Valley2013 February
AOS Calendar for 20132013 February
Members Only Website Password2013 February
Anaheim Arts Council  Annual Fund Raiser2013 February
You Might be a Rockhound If …2013 February
Man Finds 12-Pound Gold Nugget2013 February
Dangerous Dust2013 February
From Rags to Riches – Ch 31  The New Equipment2013 February
February 2013 Gem & Mineral Shows2013 February
2013 Tucson Gem & Mineral Shows2013 February
Possible New Venue for the Opal & Gem Show2013 January
January 10th Lecture – Opals of the Americas – Part 22013 January
AOS Calendar for 20132013 January
Members Only Website Password2013 January
Lost Blue Bucket Gold2013 January
Louis Comfort Tiffany Necklace, ca. 19152013 January
From Rags to Riches:  Ch 30 - The New Direction2013 January
Some Flexible Shaft Tricks2013 January
January 2013 Gem & Mineral Shows2013 January
Quartzsite 2013 Show Map2013 January
Quartzsite 2013 Show Calendar2013 January
President’s Message2012 December
Three Locals Find $50,000 of Opals Gem Mining in Nevada2012 December
Gem Chrysocolla2012 December
Rare coin auctioned off for $430G2012 December
$300,000 in Gold Found in Home during HVAC Installation2012 December
From Rags to Riches – The Great Development2012 December
Whangdoodle Mine Opal2012 December
Geology of the Whangdoodle Opal Deposit, Owyhee, ID2012 December
December 2012 Gem & Mineral Shows2012 December
Show Recap2012 November
Dealers for the 2012 Opal & Gem Show2012 November
Seminars for the 2012 Opal & Gem Show2012 November
Rock Stars2012 November
Drop of Water Test for Topaz2012 November
Researchers Find New Way to Mimic the Color of Butterflies2012 November
From Rags to Riches – Ch. 28 – The Mine Collapse2012 November
November 2012 Gem & Mineral Shows2012 November
President’s Message2012 October
Last Month’s Speaker:  Connie Grundke on Commesso2012 October
Members Only Website Password2012 October
From Rags to Riches - Chapter 27 – The Move2012 October
Russia Claims to Have Found Huge Diamond Deposit In Field2012 October
Orchid Digest- Setting Opals2012 October
October 2012 Gem & Mineral Shows2012 October
President’s Message2012 September
Members Only Website Password2012 September
Sept. 13 Speaker:  Connie Grundke on Intarsia2012 September
Mexican Opal Mines2012 September
Mexican Fire Opal2012 September
From Rags to Riches – Ch. 26 The First Opal Sale2012 September
Life Lessons from Rock Hunting2012 September
Is There Gold in Your Backyard?2012 September
September 2012 Gem & Mineral Shows2012 September
President’s Message2012 August
Members Only Website Password2012 August
Kicked off Blackdome Mountain2012 August
Tecopa Country2012 August
From Rags to Riches Ch. 25 – The Party Finale2012 August
How to Solder Metal Eyeglass Frame Hinges2012 August
 August 2012 Gem & Mineral Shows2012 August
President’s Message2012 July
Members Only Website Password2012 July
AOS Calendar for 20122012 July
Dunstan’s Stone - The First Famous Lightning Ridge Opal2012 July
New South Wales: Mining Town Steals Hearts of Dreamers2012 July
What Is Rose Gold, White Gold, And Green Gold Jewelry?2012 July
Mining and Mineral staff hope for 11th-hour deal2012 July
From Rags to Riches, Ch. 24 – The New Home2012 July
July 2012 Gem & Mineral Shows2012 July
President’s Message2012 June
May’s Speaker – Pete Goetz on Matrix Opal2012 June
Bill Burns Passing2012 June
Seventh AOS Live Auction on June 14th2012 June
AOS Live Auction Rules2012 June
Why Gold Discolors2012 June
Why Gold Jewelry Turns Skin Black2012 June
Bench Tips for the Month2012 June
Ethiopian Opal Agony and Ecstasy2012 June
From Rags to Riches & Disasters Ch 23- The Party 2012 June
June 2012 Gem & Mineral Shows2012 June
President’s Message2012 May
Members Only Website Password2012 May
 Mike Woodward on Gem Photography2012 May
Andamooka2012 May
Treating Matrix Opal the American Way2012 May
How to Cut Opal2012 May
Fundamentals of Lapidary - Cabochon Cutting2012 May
From the book Rags to Riches & Disasters2012 May
Chapter 22 – The Big Con2012 May
May 2012 Gem & Mineral Shows2012 May
Notes on the March Lecture: Jim Pisani on Jade2012 April
March Lecture: Mike Woodward on Gem Photograph2012 April
Interesting Blue Stuff at the Stoddard Wells Tailgate2012 April
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We Lost a Ledge of Gold2012 April
From Rags to Riches & Disasters – Chapter 212012 April
The World’s First All Diamond Ring2012 April
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February’s Speaker – Gretchen Krutz2012 March
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Burning of Troy Opal2012 March
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Elections on Hold2012 February
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Largest Opal Matrix Found2012 February
57,000 Carat Emerald, Called Up for Auction2012 February
From Rags to Riches & Disasters2012 February
Chapter 19 – Chips Galore2012 February
Fire Agate2012 February
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AOS Officers Elections needs Candidates2012 January
January Meeting– Fred & Charlotte Ward on Opals2012 January
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Solid Lightning Ridge Cutting Advice2012 January
Precious Opal of the Virgin Valley2012 January
From Rags to Riches & Disasters2012 January
Chapter 18 – Finally the Dream2012 January
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44th Opal & Gem Show Summary2011 December
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Opal Cutting Tips (Part 2)2011 December
Ethiopian Welo Opal: Cutting Tips2011 December
Rags to Riches - Chapter 17 – The Start of a New Life2011 December
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From Rags to Riches & Disasters - Chapter 15 – A Great Partnership2011 November
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Smoke Treatment in Wollo (aka Welo) Opal.2011 October
Huge Asteroids Brought Gold to Infant Earth, Study Says2011 October
From Rags to Riches & Disasters (Chapters 13 & 14)2011 October
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Opal Cutting Workshop at Sept. Meeting2011 September
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Andamooka – A Brief History2011 September
Andamooka History Highlights2011 September
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August Speaker: Justin Zzyzx on So. Cal. Collecting2011 August
Bench Tips by Brad Smith2011 August
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From Rags to Riches & Disasters2011 August
Opal: Australia's Troubled Gemstone2011 August
Mica2011 August
Hunting for Lost Diamonds2011 August
Telling Lapis Lazuli from Sodalite2011 August
Jet2011 August
August 2011 Gem & Mineral Shows2011 August
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July Speaker – Lothar Vallot on Simulants2011 July
The AOS Live Auction Was a Success!2011 July
Passing of Long-time Member Dr. John Hiller2011 July
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The Art of Opal Cutting2011 July
From Rags to Riches & Disasters – Chapters 7 & 82011 July
Lost And Found:  A Ring with a Story to Tell2011 July
Gem of a Find in Tip Mulch2011 July
Gem Silica and Chrysoprase2011 July
Opal Grading System Aims to Restore Confidence2011 July
July 2011 Gem & Mineral Shows2011 July
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Last Month’s Speaker: Meg Berry2011 June
Sixth AOS Live Auction on June 9th2011 June
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Cutting Phenomenal Stones2011 June
Chapter 5 – To Sydney and back to Andamooka2011 June
Chapter 6 - The Disappointment2011 June
Which Gems Are Of Organic Origin?2011 June
June 2011 Gem & Mineral Shows2011 June
President’s Message2011 May
Last Month’s Speaker - Charlie Mann2011 May
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May’s Speaker: Meg Berry2011 May
OpalSociety Group on the Internet2011 May
From Rags to Riches & Disasters2011 May
Chapter 3 - The Fools of Andamooka2011 May
Chapter 4 - Work Starts2011 May
An Opinion on Opals2011 May
Illegal Opal Mining Destroys Vietnam's Rice Fields 2011 May
New Mineral Discovered on Antarctic Meteorite2011 May
12,000 Carat Tanzanite Discovered2011 May
Bench Tips - Testing for Silver2011 May
Mississippi Opal at Gem & Mineral Show2011 May
May 2011 Gem & Mineral Shows2011 May
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April’s Speaker: Charlie Mann2011 April
From Rags to Riches & Disasters – Chapter 1 – “My Dream”2011 April
Chapter 2 - “Tee Tree Hill”2011 April
Tullie Cornthwaite Wollaston2011 April
Idaho's Spencer Opal Mine Rock Hounding Review2011 April
Thunder Eggs2011 April
April 2011 Gem & Mineral Shows2011 April
President’s Message2011 March
Buyer Beware2011 March
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March meeting - Bradley and McCall on Making Glass Beads2011 March
Fire Opal2011 March
ISG: Treasures of Tucson2011 March
Farmers and Opal Miners Locked in a Turf War2011 March
American Opal Society 2011 Calendar2011 March
About Boulder Opal2011 March
March 2010 Gem & Mineral Shows2011 March
President’s Message2011 February
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New OpalSociety Group on the Internet2011 February
Will Shaw presents his new The GemSmith Mini-Cutter2011 February
Lloviznando Opal: A look above the surface2011 February
Huge Gold Nugget Found in Sierra up for Auction2011 February
Benitoite2011 February
A Shore Thing2011 February
Jewellers Warned Against Misrepresenting Gems2011 February
February 2010 Gem & Mineral Shows2011 February
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Cloud’s Jamboree Jan. 15 & 16 in Laughlin, NV2011 January
Quartzsite Shows this Month2011 January
Famous Opals - The Galaxy - World's Largest Polished Opal2011 January
Promoting Your Society Attracting New Members2011 January
Diamond-Wrongs2011 January
The Opal in Myth and Folklore2011 January
The Darvaza Well2011 January
Pala’s Featured Stones: Prase Opal from Tanzania2011 January
2010 Opal & Gem Show Dealers2011 January
Rare Meteorite Discovered In Rural Southern Oregon2011 January
January 2010 Gem & Mineral Shows2011 January
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Hello from Your Vice President2010 December
Opal Show Security Summary2010 December
Two Bags Found at Show2010 December
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Welo Opal Buying Trip Report-20102010 December
Cutting Ethiopian Welo Opal2010 December
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Editor’s Message2010 November
Outback Opals2010 November
Everything You Need to Know About... Taking Care of Opals2010 November
The Discovery of Tanzanite2010 November
Gold Coin Sellers Angered by New Tax Law2010 November
Mineral Identification and Acids2010 November
Safety in the Shop2010 November
November 2010 Gem & Mineral Shows2010 November
President’s Message2010 October
Last Meeting Presenter – David Kramer2010 October
An Opal Journey In 20102010 October
The Painted Opal2010 October
Hunting for Lost Diamonds2010 October
Stabilizing Procedure for Crumbly Lapidary Rough2010 October
October 2010 Gem & Mineral Shows2010 October
President’s Message2010 September
Anaheim Arts Council 2010 Fundraiser2010 September
Special Carpet Gem of an Idea2010 September
NC Farm Produces Emerald Shaped into Massive Gem2010 September
Ding, Dong, SB624 Is Dead2010 September
Chunk of Original Earth Found2010 September
Taking Care of Opals2010 September
Radiation, Heat - Improve Nature's Gems2010 September
Differences Between Obsidian, Pumice, And Scoria?2010 September
Minerals from Kidney Stones2010 September
Professor receive prestigious  Award on Opal Nano-structure2010 September
Catch a Falling Star2010 September
September 2010 Gem & Mineral Shows2010 September
President’s Message2010 August
Anaheim Arts Council 2010 Fundraiser2010 August
July Recap – Walt Lombardo2010 August
Did You Know that there is an Opal Mine in Europe…2010 August
Sealing Andamooka Rainbow opal with Opticon2010 August
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Treasures from Down Under2010 August
West Texas for Rock Hounds2010 August
August 2010 Gem & Mineral Shows2010 August
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The AOS Live Auction Was a Success!2010 July
July Speaker – Walt Lombard on Diamonds in North America2010 July
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Notice of a Public Listening Session on Closing Public Lands2010 July
Cutting Precious Australian Opal2010 July
Welo Opal Cutting Tips2010 July
Opal: Delicate Beauty in a Watery Orb2010 July
Synthetic Opal Synthesis2010 July
July 2010 Gem & Mineral Shows2010 July
President’s Message2010 June
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I Am a Rockhound2010 June
Fifth AOS Live Auction on June 10th2010 June
Bidder Agreement2010 June
AOS Live Auction Rules2010 June
Felton Jeweler finds 175-pound Common Opal in Idaho2010 June
Knapping Juniper Ridge Opal2010 June
Bates Brothers Oregon Trip - June-July 20062010 June
June 2010 Gem & Mineral Shows2010 June
President’s Message2010 May
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April Recap – Janie Duncan on Beads from Around the World2010 May
May Lecture: Jim Pisani on Fluorescent Minerals2010 May
Mojave Desert Opal Diggings2010 May
Collectible Specimens Litter the Mojave Desert2010 May
Those Idaho Opals2010 May
Occurrence of Fire Opal in A Basalt in Washington State2010 May
Tourists Duped in Fake Opal Scam2010 May
Woomera Mining Rules Sought2010 May
May 2010 Gem & Mineral Shows2010 May
President’s Message2010 April
Pitfalls of Rock Tumbling2010 April
Members Only Website Password2010 April
Barbara a Legend in Her Time2010 April
Opal Essence2010 April
Lone Opal Miner Dug His Way Out Despite Injuries2010 April
Gilson Synthetic Opal2010 April
Cabochon Tips2010 April
Evolution by the Grassroots2010 April
Rockhounding near Mammoth Lakes, California2010 April
April 2010 Gem & Mineral Shows2010 April
President’s Message2010 March
Members Only Website Password2010 March
AOS Election Results2010 March
AOS Opal Evaluation Kit2010 March
Barbara McCondra Night Recap2010 March
Slocum Stone—A New Man-Made Material2010 March
Andamooka Matrix Opal2010 March
New Opal Strike Reported in Nevada2010 March
Egg-Sized Rough Diamond Sells for Record $35M2010 March
The Leg of Mutton Nugget:2010 March
March 2010 Gem & Mineral Shows2010 March
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AOS Election This Month2010 February
Opal Evaluation Kit Rediscovered2010 February
Barbara McCondra Night2010 February
The Old Woman Meteorite2010 February
Looking for Old Opal Express Newsletters2010 February
Childhood dreams bring German wanderer to Australia2010 February
Opal Fossils Reveal Icy Birthing Waters in Australian Outback2010 February
How to Field Trip2010 February
Consumers Comfortable With Diamond Alternatives 2010 February
CFMS Field Trips South - Ant Hill-February 272010 February
If a Meteor Strikes Your House, Is It Yours?2010 February
February 2010 Gem & Mineral Shows2010 February
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Wes Roth Says Hello2010 January
AOS Election Next Month2010 January
Famous Honduras Opal2010 January
In Memoriam – Clare Gagnon2010 January
The Imperial Opal2010 January
Quite the Gem Dandy2010 January
The Discovery of Precious Opal at Whelan, Washington2010 January
Cuttlebone Casting2010 January
January 2010 Gem & Mineral Shows2010 January
Rate Increase for Paper Newsletter2009 December
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Successful Opal & Gem Show!2009 December
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Opal Lexicon2009 December
Nevada Opal: Part II, the Rest of the State2009 December
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Presidents Message2009 November
Membership Rate Increase for Paper Newsletter2009 November
Raffle Donations Needed for Show2009 November
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2009 Opal & Gem Show Dealers2009 November
An Urgent Request from Barbara McCondra2009 November
Oklo: Natural Nuclear Reactors2009 November
Nevada Opal: Part I, Virgin Valley2009 November
News from the Opal Diggin’s2009 November
Back to the Basics: Opal-Cutting Review2009 November
Shaping and Finishing Opal2009 November
November 2009 Gem & Mineral Shows2009 November
Presidents Message2009 October
Starfire Opal Mine, Gabbs Nevada2009 October
Members Only Website Password2009 October
The “Glorious Jubilee” Largest Black Opal in the World2009 October
Rare 472-Carat Emerald Comes to Santa Ana2009 October
500-Carat Diamond Found at South African Mine2009 October
Famed and Feared Hope Diamond Goes Naked2009 October
Leopard Opal – A New Type of Mexican Opal2009 October
Quest for Fire at Opal Hill Mine2009 October
Shirley's Opal 20062009 October
Field Trips-South - 2 Tourmaline Mines in 2 Days2009 October
October 2009 Gem & Mineral Shows2009 October
Members Only Website Password2009 September
Sept. Speaker – Jim Pisani on Tecopa Opal2009 September
Aug. Recap – LaVerne Christenson on Art Clay Silver2009 September
Oregon Prospector Finds Opals in Them Thar Hills2009 September
Oregon Opal2009 September
More about Mexican Fire Opals2009 September
Need Help with Dopping Wax Problem2009 September
New Acquisitions - Opal2009 September
Southern California Man Finds Gold Nugget Worth $10,0002009 September
How to Care For Opal Jewelry2009 September
Rockhounding in State Parks & BLM Mining-Related Fees2009 September
September 2009 Gem & Mineral Shows2009 September
Presidents Message2009 August
Members Only Website Password2009 August
August Speaker – LaVerne Christenson on Art Clay Silver2009 August
Hints for Rock Collectors from The U.S. Geological Survey2009 August
Synthetic Opals2009 August
In Memoriam - Mike Kowalsky2009 August
The Great 1902 White Cliffs Opal Robbery2009 August
The New Andamooka Saga2009 August
Northern Nevada - Opal; Eastern Oregon - Sunstone2009 August
August 2009 Gem & Mineral Shows2009 August
Presidents Message2009 July
Members Only Website Password2009 July
Quartz – The Most Remarkable of Lapidary Materials2009 July
Photosensitive Minerals: Hackmanite and Tugtupite2009 July
Broken Opal during Setting2009 July
Using a Digital Camera to Photograph Slabs, Cabs, Gemstones, Minerals and Jewelry - Part 12009 July
Boy Hit by Meteorite Travelling At 30,000 mph2009 July
July 2009 Gem & Mineral Shows2009 July
Fourth AOS Live Auction on June 11th2009 June
Bidder Agreement2009 June
AOS Live Auction Rules2009 June
Members Only Website Password2009 June
Opal & Agate in Wyoming2009 June
The Discovery of Precious Opal at Whelan, Washington2009 June
A Silver Primer2009 June
June 2009 Gem & Mineral Shows2009 June
President’s Message2009 May
Message from Gene LeVan, Show Chairman 20092009 May
Lost Opal Mine2009 May
Opals along the Tequila Road2009 May
New Play-of-Color Opal from Welo, Ethiopia2009 May
This is Australia Calling!2009 May
Black Opal Recipe2009 May
Iolite – A Gemstone Used in Ancient Navigation2009 May
Foundations of Opal Value2009 May
Chrysoprase Jewellery – Australia's answer to Jade2009 May
May 2009 Gem & Mineral Shows2009 May
Opal Canyon Field Trip Recap2009 April
Rockhounding in Red Rock Canyon2009 April
Milt Roth to Assume Assistant Show Chairman Spot2009 April
Members Only Website Password2009 April
Gift Donation Request for Clubs2009 April
Uranium Gives Opal Its Shine2009 April
My Views on Opals with Inclusions or Cracks in Them2009 April
Pair to Resolve the Great Opal Debate2009 April
Types of Opal2009 April
KYOCERA Unveils One-of-a-Kind Kyoto Opal2009 April
Correction of Picture of Holmes2009 April
What is the Hardest Metal?2009 April
Harder than Diamond?2009 April
Nano-Material is harder than Diamonds2009 April
Digging for Opal in the Black Rock Desert2009 April
April 2009 Gem & Mineral Shows2009 April
Members Only Website Password2009 March
Presidents Message2009 March
New Venue for Opal & Gem Show2009 March
LaVerne Christenson to Assume Treasurer Spot2009 March
March Speaker - Daniel Toledo2009 March
Opal Canyon Field Trip on March 21st2009 March
A California Field Trip Fire Opals in El Paso Mountains2009 March
Leo Nowak   12/24/1907 to 1/6/20012009 March
Could there be Diamonds in the Lightning Ridge Area?2009 March
Opals and Their Treatments2009 March
March 2009 Gem & Mineral Shows2009 March
Members Only Website Password2009 February
Opal Society Workshop2009 February
General Meeting - February 12th2009 February
Australian Opals - A Primer2009 February
How History Is Changed2009 February
Giant Matrix Opal Discovered on the way to Coober Pedy2009 February
Rockhound Finds Ice Age tusk in Perris Flood Channel2009 February
Synthetic Opals, Should I Buy Them?2009 February
Fluorescent Opals Discussion2009 February
Zimbabwe's Deadly Diamond Fever2009 February
A Lost Opal Mine2009 February
February 2009 Gem & Mineral Shows2009 February
Christmas Party2009 January
Members Only Website Password2009 January
Opal Society Workshop2009 January
850-Lb. Emerald Stolen2009 January
Oiling Opal Myth2009 January
How to Tell if an Opal is Real2009 January
Famous Gem Heists2009 January
NASA Probe Finds Opals in Martian Crevices2009 January
A Highgrader's Story2009 January
Synthetic Opal Called “MexiFire” and “PeruBlu”2009 January
Safety2009 January
January 2008 Gem & Mineral Shows2009 January
Presidents Message2008 December
Members Only Website Password2008 December
Opal Society Workshop2008 December
How to Select that Cab from that Slab2008 December
A Trip through the Opal Fields2008 December
The Mystery Opal Miner - Carney Jimmy2008 December
New Endangered Species: The Rockhound2008 December
Large Blue Diamond Expected to Fetch about $15 Million2008 December
Bubble Opal2008 December
A Guide to Mexican Opal2008 December
Opal Lore2008 December
December 2008 Gem & Mineral Shows2008 December
Presidents Message2008 November
Opal & Gem Show Seminar Schedule2008 November
2008 Opal & Gem Show Dealers2008 November
Raffle Donations Needed for Show2008 November
Members Only Website Password2008 November
Opal Society Workshop2008 November
Featured Gemstone: Opal2008 November
The Furor over Feldspar2008 November
Factoids: Diamonds2008 November
Hallmarking: What Are Those Stamped Marks on My Ring?2008 November
Precious Opal in the Northwest2008 November
Turquoise - An Ancient Gem with Modern Panache2008 November
Lost Opal Mine2008 November
November 2008 Gem & Mineral Shows2008 November
Presidents Message2008 October
Members Only Website Password2008 October
Opal Society Workshop2008 October
Arts Council Raffle2008 October
The 10 minute Rule and CBZ (Canada's Best Zircon?)2008 October
Australia: Ridge over Rubble Paupers2008 October
Caring for Jewelry-What You Need to Know2008 October
Photographing Opal2008 October
Giant Diamond Unearthed in Africa May Set Record2008 October
October 2008 Gem & Mineral Shows2008 October
Presidents Message2008 September
Members Only Website Password2008 September
Opal Society Workshop2008 September
Anaheim Arts Council Raffle2008 September
Opal Cutting Workshop at Sept. Meeting2008 September
Opals at Zabriski2008 September
Humour and Stress Free, Opal Miners Lifestyle2008 September
The 'Flame Queen' in June Auction at Bonhams & Butterfields2008 September
Opal Hat Feature of Event2008 September
Coober Pedy Ranked in SA Quality of Life Index2008 September
How to Cut and Polish Opal2008 September
September 2008 Gem & Mineral Shows2008 September
Members Only Website Password2008 August
Opal Society Workshop2008 August
Anaheim Arts Council Raffle2008 August
Pete Goetz on How to Treat A ndamooka Matrix Opal2008 August
Sand - Why Take It for Granted?2008 August
Lightning Ridge, Black Opal Mining Industry2008 August
Museum to Observe 50th Anniversary of Hodges Meteorite2008 August
August 2008 Gem & Mineral Shows2008 August
President's Message2008 July
Members Only Website Password2008 July
Opal Society Workshop2008 July
July Lecture Summary - Bob Gullage on Precious Metals2008 July
Anaheim Arts Council Raffle2008 July
Third AOS Live Auction on July 10th2008 July
Bidder Agreement2008 July
AOS Live Auction Rules2008 July
The Women Who Dig For Opal2008 July
A Sprinkling of Stardust Lands on UW Astronomer2008 July
Gold Rush Fever Returns to the California Hills2008 July
Gem Materials of Mexico and Guatemala2008 July
Australian 'Nessie' Fossils Found2008 July
Slab Saw Basics2008 July
Beetles Light Up Computer Research2008 July
Black Opal Declared as NSW's Gemstone Emblem2008 July
July 2008 Gem & Mineral Shows2008 July
President’s Message2008 June
Members Only Website Password2008 June
Opal Society Workshop2008 June
New Table of Contents Webpage for Newsletter Archives2008 June
State of the Opal Industry in Australia2008 June
June Lecture – Bob Gullage on Precious Metals2008 June
AOS is Awarded Anaheim Arts Council Grant2008 June
Hunting for Jade at Big Sur2008 June
Lightning Ridge: Australia's Capital of Broken Dreams2008 June
Bid to Stop Mining Spread –2008 June
Bozeman Trustees Name New School Hyalite2008 June
Cash and Treasures: Digging for Black Opals in Australia2008 June
June 2008 Gem & Mineral Shows2008 June
President’s Message2008 May
Members Only Website Password2008 May
May Lecture – Alpha Gems & Jeweller of Australia2008 May
Opal Society Workshop2008 May
Last Month’s Speaker – Jack Liu2008 May
Cabochons: Hints, Tips and Strategy2008 May
Appraising: Stories from the Trenches2008 May
American Gemstones2008 May
Gems and Technology - Vision Underground2008 May
How to Make Opal Doublets2008 May
In Memoriam - Grahame Brown (1936—2008)2008 May
May 2008 Gem & Mineral Shows2008 May
President’s Message2008 April
Members Only Website Password2008 April
April’s Speaker – Jack Liu2008 April
Last Month’s Speaker – Stan McCall2008 April
Opal Society Workshop2008 April
The Great Opal Hunt!2008 April
How Does Nature Process Silicon?2008 April
Mining at Lightning Ridge2008 April
Polymer Opal Films2008 April
Lapis Lazuli2008 April
April 2008 Gem & Mineral Shows2008 April
President's Message2008 March
March Meeting Speaker – Stan McCall2008 March
AOS Election Results2008 March
Members Only Website Password2008 March
Last Month's Demonstrator – David Kramer2008 March
Opal Society Workshop2008 March
Opal Formation2008 March
Lost Gold of the Ada Hancock2008 March
The Great Diamond Hoax of 18722008 March
March 2008 Gem & Mineral Shows2008 March
President's Message2008 February
February Meeting Demonstrator – David Kramer2008 February
AOS Election and Ballot Information2008 February
Opal Society Workshop2008 February
Members Only Website Password2008 February
What You Should Know About Buying Opal2008 February
Rare Mummified Dinosaur Unearthed2008 February
The Many Facets of Man-Made Diamonds2008 February
Thomsonite2008 February
Opal Cultural Beliefs and Historic Timeline2008 February
February 2008 Gem & Mineral Shows2008 February
President's Message2008 January
January Speaker – Jim Pisani on Virgin Valley2008 January
Opal Society Workshop2008 January
Members Only Website Password2008 January
Ultraviolet Recovery2008 January
Is It Unusual for Opals to Fluoresce?2008 January
Opal Chips: Photonic Jewels2008 January
The Construction of the Great Pyramids2008 January
Asteroid on Track for Possible Mars Hit2008 January
Displaying Your Treasures2008 January
January 2008 Gem & Mineral Shows2008 January
President's Message2007 December
Opal & Gem Show Was a Success!2007 December
Be Kind to Your Dealers2007 December
Grand Prize Winner of Opal & Gem Show Raffle2007 December
Opal Society Workshop2007 December
Members Only Website Password2007 December
The Story of Stone Soup2007 December
Geology of Opal Fields in the Lightning Ridge Region2007 December
Gamma Glow Takes Guess Work Out of Opal Mining2007 December
Opal to Shine at Big Event2007 December
Artifacts Hint at Early Jade Trade2007 December
Saint's Jewels on Show in Naples2007 December
Signs of Slump at Myanmar Gem Sale2007 December
2007 Opal & Gem Show Dealers2007 December
Is That Piece of Jasper An Agate?2007 December
December 2007 Gem & Mineral Shows2007 December
Opal & Gem Show2007 November
President's Message2007 November
Volunteers Still Needed for Show2007 November
Raffle Donations Needed for Show2007 November
Gem Carving, Inspiration & Skills2007 November
Gem Sculpture - Passion for Opals2007 November
Estate Rock Sale Notice2007 November
Opal Society Workshop2007 November
Members Only Website Password2007 November
What Is Opal?2007 November
Nevada Mineralogy Iv2007 November
Whitest Whites and Blackest Black2007 November
Giant Red Spinel Crystal Discovered in East Africa2007 November
November 2007 Gem & Mineral Shows2007 November
President's Message2007 October
Faye McDowell Has Passed Away2007 October
Volunteers Needed for Show2007 October
Raffle Donations Needed for Show2007 October
Opal Society Workshop2007 October
Members Only Website Password2007 October
Opal Brightness Workshop Report2007 October
Diving in the Opal Mines of Dubnik, Slovakia2007 October
We Call It Morrisonite2007 October
Bowers Museum Trip Report2007 October
A Gem of a Fossil2007 October
The Backus Opal2007 October
The Many Uses of Gypsum2007 October
Sugilite2007 October
Shopper's World; Opals From the Outback2007 October
October 2007 Gem & Mineral Shows2007 October
President's Message2007 September
Correction on Royal Rainbow Opal Mine2007 September
The Bowers Museum Field Trip – Sept. 23Rd2007 September
Opal Society Workshop2007 September
Members Only Website Password2007 September
Opal Brightness Kit Workshop2007 September
Simon King on the Himalaya Mine and Tourmaline2007 September
Question About Black Opal2007 September
World's Oldest Meteorite Found2007 September
Top 10 Misconceptions About Dinosaurs2007 September
Safety2007 September
September 2007 Gem & Mineral Shows2007 September
President's Message2007 August
Royal Rainbow Opal Mine Open for Business2007 August
Opal Society Workshop2007 August
Kimberley Recovers 18.5 Carat Diamond2007 August
Members Only Website Password2007 August
Agates2007 August
Summer Vehicle Safety2007 August
The Fascinating World of Opal2007 August
Diamonds, Coal, and Carbon2007 August
Grading and Pricing of Gemstones2007 August
August 2007 Gem & Mineral Shows2007 August
President's Message2007 July
Opal Society Workshop2007 July
Second AOS Live Auction a Great Success!2007 July
Cfms Convention and Show, Lancaster, California2007 July
Members Only Website Password2007 July
Australian Sedimentary Opal – Why Is Australia Unique?2007 July
Pipe Opal Discovery a Rare Find2007 July
Treating Andamooka Color Matrix2007 July
Vietnamese Mountains Home to 4000-Year-Old Opal Relics2007 July
Gem Substitutes2007 July
The Many Uses of Gypsum2007 July
Polishing Talc2007 July
July 2007 Gem & Mineral Shows2007 July
President's Message2007 June
Members Only Website Password2007 June
Opal Society Workshop2007 June
Second AOS Live Auction on June 14Th2007 June
Harold Andersen Has Passed Away2007 June
Welcome to Magdalena; the Land of Opals2007 June
Australian Opal Exhibition – Celebrating the Passion2007 June
Mars Rover Unearths Surprise Evidence of Wetter Past2007 June
World-Renowned Collection of Gems at Bowers Museum2007 June
New Way of Mapping Gemstones2007 June
The Day in Numbers: $12,360,0002007 June
Death of Royal Postpones Pearl Auction2007 June
June 2007 Gem & Mineral Shows2007 June
President's Message2007 May
Members Only Website Password2007 May
Opal Society Workshop2007 May
Second AOS Live Auction for June 14Th2007 May
Lambina Opalfield2007 May
Scientists Discover 'Kryptonite' in Serbian Mine2007 May
Determining the Township2007 May
Serpentine: California State Rock2007 May
The Rhodochrosite Story2007 May
Freshwater Pearls From China2007 May
A Look at Pearl Quality2007 May
Safety - Un-Equal2007 May
May 2007 Gem & Mineral Shows2007 May
President's Message2007 April
Members Only Website Password2007 April
Opal Society Workshop2007 April
O-Bay Live Auction a Big Hit!!2007 April
April Presentation:  Opal Photography2007 April
Clare Gagnon on Gemstone Identification2007 April
Opal Fields of South Australia2007 April
The History of Opal2007 April
Buried?2007 April
Untried Tumbling Tips2007 April
Opal Fields Declining As Dollar Rises2007 April
Test Your Knowledge of Mineral Terms2007 April
New Opal Discussion Forum on AOS Website2007 April
A Tough Break With a Happy Ending!2007 April
April 2007 Gem & Mineral Shows2007 April
President's Message2007 March
Members Only Website Password2007 March
Opal Society Workshop2007 March
Len Cram Visit2007 March
Mr. Len Cram2007 March
AOS Live Auction for March 8th2007 March
Bidder Agreement2007 March
AOS Live Auction Rules2007 March
Mojave Opal Hunting2007 March
Is the Cufflink Dead?2007 March
Mining Opals2007 March
Opal Collector Retires2007 March
March 2007 Gem & Mineral Shows2007 March
President's Message2007 February
Members Only Website Password2007 February
Opal Society Workshop2007 February
Len Cram to Visit February 16Th2007 February
January Speaker: Opal Mining Family2007 February
Deceased - Past AOS President Larry Dobrin2007 February
AOS Live Auction Proposal: O-Bay!”2007 February
Famous Opals: the Opalworx Collection2007 February
Rocking Opal Mountain2007 February
Rare Black Diamonds May Have Come From Space2007 February
Fire Breath Opal2007 February
Organism Produced Rocks2007 February
Health Effects of Faceting2007 February
Larimar, the Caribbean Gemstone2007 February
Eleven Ways to Become a Fossil2007 February
January 2007 Gem & Mineral Shows2007 February
President's Message2007 January
Members Only Website Password2007 January
Opal Society Workshop2007 January
Announcement - AOS Dues Increase2007 January
January Speaker – Clare Gagnon on Gemstone Identification2007 January
AOS Website Now Accepts Credit Card Payments2007 January
Famous Opals - the Duffield Opal2007 January
Woodward Ranch Adventure2007 January
Book Review - Pobby and Dingan2007 January
The Jades2007 January
January 2007 Gem & Mineral Shows2007 January
Quartzsite Shows for 20072007 January
President's Message2006 December
Members Only Website Password2006 December
Opal Society Workshop2006 December
Woman Finds 1.30-Carat Diamond in Park2006 December
Opal & Gem Show Was a Success!2006 December
Famous Opals: the Grawin Rainbow2006 December
Virgin Valley Report2006 December
Damascus Steel's Lost Secret Found2006 December
December Birthstones2006 December
Curing Crazed Opal2006 December
Experiencing Fluorescence2006 December
Do You Know That…2006 December
Movie Review - Opal Dream2006 December
Confessions and Tips of a Do Or Die Cutter2006 December
December 2006 Gem & Mineral Shows2006 December
President's Message2006 November
Members Only Website Password2006 November
Opal Society Workshop2006 November
November General Meeting Cancelled2006 November
Volunteers Needed for the Opal & Gem Show2006 November
Opal & Gem Show Dealers2006 November
Opal & Gem Show Seminar Schedule2006 November
Opal & Gem Show Demonstrators2006 November
Raffle Donations Needed for the Opal & Gem Show2006 November
Prong Setting and Opal Cutting With Contempo Lapidary Unit2006 November
Opal Canyon Trip Planned for November2006 November
Famous Opals: Jupiter-5 and the “Unnamed Lady”2006 November
Opal Prospecting Follies2006 November
Opal; Myth, Magic, and Misconceptions2006 November
Woman Finds 1.30-Carat Diamond in Park2006 November
November 2006 Gem & Mineral Shows2006 November
President's Message2006 October
Members Only Website Password2006 October
Volunteers Needed for the Opal & Gem Show2006 October
Raffle Donations Needed for the Opal & Gem Show2006 October
October 12Th Speaker - David Kramer – Opal Cutting2006 October
Opal Canyon Trip Planned for November2006 October
Opal Society Workshop2006 October
A Message From Our Opal & Gem Show Chairman2006 October
Famous Opals: the Andamooka Opal2006 October
Gems and Their Role As Elements of Animal Design2006 October
Rockhounding in California2006 October
Dueling Opinions: Argentium™2006 October
Safety Article:  Be Safe–Be Well2006 October
A Guide to Buying Opals online2006 October
Montana Agate - An American Gemstone Treasure2006 October
The Trona Pinnacles2006 October
The Case of the Stolen Moon Rocks:2006 October
October 2006 Gem & Mineral Shows2006 October
President's Message2006 September
Members Only Website Password2006 September
Opal Society Workshop2006 September
September Speaker - Daniel Toledo2006 September
Wes Roth Wins Jewelry Design Contest2006 September
The Starfire Opal Mine Is Active2006 September
Famous Opals: the Aztec Sun God2006 September
Opal Lore2006 September
August Speaker - Francis Lau on Diamonds2006 September
Peruvian Blue Opals - How to Spot a Fake2006 September
Precious Gems: the History of a Concept2006 September
The Mystery Opal Miner - Carney Jimmy2006 September
Safety Article - Sunburns and Skin Cancer2006 September
September 2006 Gem & Mineral Shows2006 September
President's Message2006 August
Members Only Website Password2006 August
Opal Society Workshop2006 August
The Cat's-Eyes Have It2006 August
Famous Opals: the Roebling2006 August
Washington A. Roebling2006 August
Faceting Fire and Crystal Opal2006 August
Finding Opals in the Rough2006 August
Dust in Opal Mining and Cutting2006 August
Baking Soda in the Field2006 August
August 2006 Gem & Mineral Shows2006 August
President's Message2006 July
Members Only Website Password2006 July
Opal Society Workshop2006 July
July Lecture – Barbara McCondra on Yowah and Koroit Opal.2006 July
Famous Opals - the Red Cosmos2006 July
Trip to Opal Canyon2006 July
A Rockhound in Iraq2006 July
Opal Mines of Nevada2006 July
April 2006 Gem & Mineral Shows2006 July
President's Message2006 June
Members Only Website Password2006 June
Opal Society Workshop2006 June
The Adventures of An Opalholic Jewelry Designer2006 June
Opal Canyon Field Trip on June 10Th2006 June
Len Cram's “A Journey With Colour” Is Now Available2006 June
Famous Opals: the Galaxy Opal2006 June
Cracked Fingertips2006 June
A Rockhound in Iraq2006 June
Tecopa Terrific!2006 June
President's Message2006 May
Members Only Website Password2006 May
Opal Society Workshop2006 May
A Different Treasure2006 May
Lora Hart on Precious Metal Clay2006 May
Famous Opals:  Halley's Comet2006 May
In Search of Opals in South Australia2006 May
Keep Out! Old Mines Are Dangerous!2006 May
A Rockhound in Iraq2006 May
Hard Or Tough2006 May
Lapidary Polishing Compounds2006 May
May 2006 Gem & Mineral Shows2006 May
President's Message2006 April
Members Only Website Password2006 April
Opal Society Workshop2006 April
April Lecture: Precious Metal Clay Presentation2006 April
Famous Opals:  Olympic Australis2006 April
Surface Deterioration in Opals2006 April
Opal Canyon Field Trip on April 15Th2006 April
Brazilian Opal Returns2006 April
Faceting Opal2006 April
Iran's First Discovered Opal Mine to Be Explored Soon2006 April
A Rockhound in Iraq2006 April
Pyrite Suns2006 April
April 2006 Gem & Mineral Shows2006 April
Members Only Website Password2006 March
Opal Society Workshop2006 March
Famous Opals: the Butterfly Stone2006 March
(The Red Admiral)2006 March
Jochen Knigge on Brazilian Opal2006 March
Field Trip Report: Opal Canyon2006 March
Noel Lamkin Returns2006 March
Opal Fakes2006 March
Lost Opal Mine Information Request2006 March
The Snake Head2006 March
A Rockhound in Iraq2006 March
Finder of Big Meteorite Says He's only Scratched the Surface2006 March
New Opal Find!!!2006 March
How to Find the Fire in Fire Agate2006 March
Peacock Ore2006 March
March 2006 Gem & Mineral Shows2006 March
Members Only Website Password2006 February
Opal Society Workshop Is Open!!!2006 February
Louisiana Opals Open Again After Katrina2006 February
Quartzsite January 28, 20062006 February
Opal Canyon Field Trip on Feb. 18Th2006 February
Lapidary Lore and More2006 February
Couple Comes Up With online Business Gem2006 February
Famous Opals: the Colors of Heaven2006 February
Safety Article - Carbon Monoxide2006 February
Growing Opals2006 February
The Rediscovery of Corundum Crystals2006 February
Paper From Rocks2006 February
The Green Flash2006 February
February 2006 Gem & Mineral Shows2006 February
President's Message2006 January
Members Only Website Password2006 January
Christmas Party Potluck2006 January
Correction to Dec. 2005 Opal Express2006 January
January Elections2006 January
Opal Society Workshop to Open!!!2006 January
Tucson Show Booth Cancelled2006 January
Question on Leakey Opal2006 January
A Tribute to Walter Johnson2006 January
Phenomenal Opal2006 January
Famous Opals: the Flame Queen2006 January
How to Tell Your Adit From a Hole in the Ground2006 January
An Introduction to Flint-Knapping2006 January
Gold Coloration2006 January
Cleaning Opal Pineapples2006 January
Utah Emerald2006 January
Polishing Curved Surfaces2006 January
Lapidary Polishing Compounds2006 January
Where Do You Put That Acid…2006 January
A Rocky Mountain Mystery2006 January
January 2006 Gem & Mineral Shows2006 January
Famous Opals -The Aurora Australis2005 December
A Message From Your President2005 December
Members Only Website Password2005 December
December Meeting:2005 December
Christmas Party Potluck!2005 December
Famous Opals - the Aurora Australis2005 December
Volunteers at the Opal & Gem Show2005 December
Great Seminars at the Opal & Gem Show2005 December
Demonstrators at the Opal & Gem Show2005 December
Volunteers Needed for Tucson Gem and Mineral Show2005 December
Where Did Christopher Columbus Go Wrong?2005 December
Dealers at the Opal & Gem Show2005 December
Opal Cracks and Crazing2005 December
Google on Noodle2005 December
Petrified Lightning – Fulgurite2005 December
Antarctica Is a Hot Spot for Ua Scientists Hunting Meteorites2005 December
Opal - the Queen of Gems2005 December
December 2005 Gem & Mineral Shows2005 December
A Message From Your President2005 November
Members Only Website Password2005 November
November General Meeting Cancelled2005 November
Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, February, 2006.2005 November
Famous Opals - Pride of Australia2005 November
Opals & Mineral Oil – Orchid Digest2005 November
October Speaker - Francis Lau - Pearl Farmer2005 November
How to Knot Pearls Or Restring Pearls2005 November
November 2005 Gem & Mineral Shows2005 November
A Message From Your President2005 October
Francis Lau - Speaker for October Meeting2005 October
Members Only Website Password2005 October
Noel Lamkin - Jewelry Design - Do's & Don’Ts2005 October
Soft Tissue in Dinosaur Bones2005 October
Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, February, 2006.2005 October
Spencer Opal Deposits, Idaho2005 October
Helpful Hints for Cabochon Making2005 October
Toemaline Discovered in Wilmington, Ca2005 October
Safety First - Hand Tool Safety2005 October
October 2005 Gem & Mineral Shows2005 October
Vice President's Message - By Eugene Levan2005 September
Len Cram & Steven Aracic Donates Opal Books to AOS2005 September
Members Only Website Password2005 September
Visiting Yowah and Lightning Ridge Festivals 20052005 September
Techniques From Professional Opal Jeweler David Kramer2005 September
How to Make Spencer Opal Triplets2005 September
Enhanced, Treated, Heated, Dyed, Etc.: Fake2005 September
The Adventures of Frank Gross in Aussie Land – Part 32005 September
Splitting Boulder Opal Seams2005 September
Advise on Opal Storage2005 September
September 2005 Gem & Mineral Shows2005 September
Vice President's Message - By Eugene Levan2005 August
August Speaker - David Kramer – Dopping Opal2005 August
Members Only Website Password2005 August
Report From Cfms State Show2005 August
Bob Gullage on Opal Retailing2005 August
Eagle Creek Precious Opal, Nw Bc, Canada2005 August
The Adventures of Frank Gross in Aussie Land – Part 22005 August
Flaked Out2005 August
The California Poppy: An Indicator of Copper2005 August
August 2005 Gem & Mineral Shows2005 August
Vice President's Message2005 July
Members Only Website Password2005 July
July Speaker - :  Robert G. Gullage2005 July
Man Made Diamonds2005 July
Tips & Hints: Work Out That Flat Spot2005 July
Tips & Hints: Small Repairs??2005 July
Precious Opal: Mississippi's First Gemstone2005 July
Daniel Toledo: Creativity and Originality2005 July
The Adventures of Frank Gross in Aussie Land2005 July
The World's Biggest Opal Festival2005 July
Agates2005 July
Jasper Or Agate?2005 July
Agate Inclusions: Sagenite and Plume2005 July
Ocean Jasper2005 July
May Speaker Review- Lothar Vallot2005 June
Book Review - Gemstones of the World2005 June
Membership Roster Questionnaire2005 June
New Updates to the AOS Website2005 June
Mineral Quiz, Part 22005 June
A Field Trip to Australian Opal Country, Part 42005 June
Carving Fire Agate2005 June
What Are the Sugar and Smoke Treatments of Opal2005 June
Quartz Color Causes2005 June
Members Only Website Password2005 June
June 2005 Gem & Mineral Shows2005 June
A Message From the President2005 May
Members Only Website Password2005 May
to Have Your Newsletter E-Mailed to You…2005 May
More Pricing of Opal2005 May
Update on New Opal Deposit in Wyoming2005 May
Additional Comments on Wyoming Opal2005 May
Mineral Terms Quiz2005 May
A Field Trip to Australian Opal Country, Part 32005 May
Refurbish Your Worn Out Diamond Belts2005 May
What to Do if You See a Fireball2005 May
Dealers at Club Booths2005 May
May 2005 Gem & Mineral Shows2005 May
President's Message2005 April
Opal Workshop2005 April
Members Only Website Password2005 April
to Have Your Newsletter E-Mailed to You…2005 April
The Opal Discussion Forum2005 April
John Hall Makes Contribution to Society2005 April
Geologists Find Opal Deposit in Wyoming2005 April
A Field Trip to Australian Opal Country, Part 22005 April
Heat Treating Agate to Improve Appearance2005 April
The Truth About Gem Smuggling2005 April
April 2005 Gem & Mineral Shows2005 April
President's Message2005 March
Stoddard Wells Swap Meet2005 March
Opal Workshop2005 March
Members Only Website Password2005 March
to Have Your Newsletter E-Mailed to You…2005 March
The Collectors Corner2005 March
Louisiana Opal Question2005 March
A Field Trip to Australian Opal Country2005 March
Carving Rocks2005 March
Jade2005 March
Winter Safety - the Deceptive Killers Part 22005 March
March 2005 Gem & Mineral Shows2005 March
President's Message2005 February
Last Month's Elections2005 February
Opal Workshop2005 February
Members Only Website Password2005 February
To Have Your Newsletter E-Mailed to You…2005 February
Restoring Finish to Opal2005 February
The Three Z's2005 February
Winter Safety - the Deceptive Killers - (Part I)2005 February
February 2005 Gem & Mineral Shows2005 February
President's Message2005 January
Christmas Potluck Dinner 2005 January
AOS Elections for officers 2005 January
Opal Workshop 2005 January
Members Only Website Password 2005 January
To Have Your Newsletter E-Mailed to You… 2005 January
Scott Wilson on Opal Synthesis 2005 January
Gems Polish Because... 2005 January
Shady Tales: a Dark Day in Red Mountain 2005 January
January Gem & Mineral Shows 2005 January
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Opal Workshop2004 December
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The Opal & Gem Show Was a Great Success!2004 December
Special Newsletter for November2004 December
Show Dealers2004 December
Rare Opal Found2004 December
Caveat Emptor (Let the Buyer Beware)2004 December
Rockhounds Look for Bright Side of Oregon Dirt2004 December
Lake Superior Agate2004 December
Disputing All Opal Cracks Theory2004 December
December Gem & Mineral Shows2004 December
President's Message2004 November
A Tribute to Len Cram 2004 November
Opal Identification 2004 November
Cutting Boulder Opal2004 November
Opal Fashion 2004 November
Opal, Mine!.2004 November
Mining Opal: the House of Tibara's Two Opal Mines 2004 November
Gem & Mineral Shows 2004 November
Major 2005 U.S. & International Opal Related Shows 2004 November
Tucson Opal Seminars 2004 November
President's Message2004 October
Opal Workshop2004 October
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Conrad Cone Passes Away at 942004 October
Elselil Philipps Passes Away2004 October
Rainbow Matrix2004 October
Need Help With Opal Repair2004 October
Finding and Finishing Ammonites2004 October
Hints and Things2004 October
Jasper... Born of Fire and Ice2004 October
Opal Fossils2004 October
New Fossil Museum Set to Become “World Best'”2004 October
October Gem & Mineral Shows2004 October
President's Message2004 September
Proposal to Make the Opal Express Newsletter Electronic2004 September
Last Month's Speaker: Frank Gross in Australia2004 September
Opal Workshop2004 September
Members Only Website Password2004 September
Disorderly Opal2004 September
How to Photograph Opal2004 September
A Little About Petrification2004 September
Silicon, Silica, Silicates and Silicone2004 September
Pearls Become Most Treasured Gem2004 September
Gps Units in Rock Collecting2004 September
Rocks Vs. Minerals2004 September
Lapidary Tips & Hints2004 September
September Gem & Mineral Shows2004 September
President's Message2004 August
Last Month's Lecture: Stan McCall on Making Opal Triplets2004 August
Report From the Goldbug Gala2004 August
Opal Workshop2004 August
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Catching on to Cacholong2004 August
Help! Is Opalite Real?2004 August
Minerals, Crystals and Their Systems2004 August
2004 August Health and Safety Tips2004 August
August Gem & Mineral Shows2004 August
President's Message2004 July
July Speaker- Stan McCall: How to Make Opal Triplets2004 July
Royal Rainbow Opal Mire Directions2004 July
Opal Workshop2004 July
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Last Month's Lecture: “Finding Opal in Coober Pedy”2004 July
Cripple Creek Opal2004 July
San Antonio Canyon Lapis Lazuli2004 July
Opals 1012004 July
Afms Code of Ethics2004 July
July Gem & Mineral Shows2004 July
President's Message2004 June
General Meeting Lecture - How to Find Opal in Coober Pedy2004 June
Opal Workshop2004 June
Members Only Website Password2004 June
Field Trip Report: May 15Th - Walker Jr High Rock Pile2004 June
Himalaya Mine Field Trip2004 June
Opalized Shells2004 June
Strange Opal Experience2004 June
Hey! Don’T Get Lost!!!2004 June
Famous Opals2004 June
The Secret Life of Rocks2004 June
June Gem & Mineral Shows2004 June
President's Message2004 May
Last Month's Speaker: Bill Burns on Virgin Valley2004 May
Opal Workshop2004 May
Members Only Website Password2004 May
Field Trip: May 15Th - Walker Jr High Rock Pile2004 May
Lets Talk Gemstones – Opal: Part 22004 May
Cow Who Laid Diamond Eggs2004 May
Opal Mosaic Triplets2004 May
Lightning Ridge Opal Festival2004 May
Shop and Field Trip Hints2004 May
Coloring Agate Slices - Historical German Method2004 May
Finishing Cabs2004 May
May Gem & Mineral Shows2004 May
President's Message2004 April
April Speaker2004 April
Opal Workshop2004 April
Stoddard Wells Trip2004 April
Walker Jr. High Rock Pile Field Trip Report2004 April
Lets Talk Gemstones - Opal2004 April
Inherent Hazards in Setting Opal2004 April
The Contributions of Edsel Murphy to the Understanding of the Behaviour of Minerals and Mineral Collecting2004 April
Miner Unearths a Real Gemstone2004 April
Gemstone Care2004 April
April Gem & Mineral Shows2004 April
President's Message2004 March
March Speaker – Hans Durstling on Labradorite2004 March
Opal Workshop2004 March
AOS Field Trip – March 20Th2004 March
Walker Junior High Rock Pile2004 March
Members Only Website Password2004 March
Ethiopian Opal2004 March
Optical Properties of Opal2004 March
Getting Burned With Fire Opal2004 March
Fascinating Facts About Diamonds2004 March
Open Back Or Not2004 March
Just a Little Dust2004 March
Shop Hints2004 March
March Gem & Mineral Shows2004 March
President's Message2004 February
February Speaker – Dr. Walt Johnson2004 February
Members Only Website Password2004 February
Opal Workshop2004 February
The American Opal Society Meets in Quartzsite2004 February
A Salute to Opal Cutting2004 February
A New Artificially Reconstructed Ornamental Material2004 February
Ask Rocky – Opal in Water2004 February
Is It Amber Or Is It Fake?2004 February
Hunting for Meteorites on the Antarctic Plateau2004 February
Cutting Obsidian2004 February
February Gem & Mineral Shows2004 February
President's Message2004 January
Members Only Website Password2004 January
Opal Workshop2004 January
Sedimentary Rock-Hosted Opal2004 January
Is There a Safe Way to Blacken Andamooka Matrix Opal?2004 January
Gambling With Chairs2004 January
Meet a Future Jewel of Technology: Gem of a Beetle Which Thinks It's An Opal2004 January
Life of Opal Miners2004 January
No Relief for the Earth2004 January
Triplet Tips and Tricks2004 January
The “Art” of Finding Opal2004 January
Abalone2004 January
Dna Traces Found in Ancient Rock2004 January
Lava Unlocks Subterranean Mysteries2004 January
January Gem & Mineral Shows2004 January
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December Snippets2003 December
Show Dealers2003 December
Demonstrators at Show a Big Hit!2003 December
Gem Carvers Guild of America at New Location2003 December
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AOS Raffle at Show2003 December
Final Polish on Opals2003 December
Grams Per Carat - Opal Question2003 December
Solder2003 December
Success2003 December
Zircon Not Zirconia2003 December
A Shop Mini-Hint2003 December
December Gem & Mineral Shows2003 December
President's Message2003 November
November Snippets2003 November
Member Creates Masterpiece for Show2003 November
“Members Only” Area on Website2003 November
Opal Workshop2003 November
Gem Tip - Don'T Put Opals in Glycerin2003 November
Cab Bottoms2003 November
A Million Dollar Game of Chess2003 November
Andamooka's Etamoogah Pub2003 November
Shop Tips - Old Miner's Rule2003 November
Helpful Hints - Is It a Cz Or a Diamond?2003 November
November Gem & Mineral Shows2003 November
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Precious Opal in Volcanic Sequences2003 October
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First Base2003 October
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Tips for Better Dopping2003 October
Miscellaneous Hints From Here and There2003 October
Museum Quality…2003 October
Lincoln's Marble Leaks2003 October
Selecting Materials for Cabochons2003 October
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Opal Workshop2003 September
September Snippets2003 September
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A New Era for Opal Nomenclature2003 September
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Culver City Gem Show2003 August
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Queensland Opal2003 August
Virgin Valley Mining2003 August
Catch a Falling Star2003 August
Tips & Hints2003 August
Test Your Gemstone Genius2003 August
July Snippets2003 August
Chipped Opal (Or Polishing Opal)2003 August
July Gem & Mineral Shows2003 August
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Addendum to June Donation2003 July
Culver City Gem Show2003 July
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Queensland Opal2003 July
Virgin Valley Mining2003 July
Catch a Falling Star2003 July
Tips & Hints2003 July
Test Your Gemstone Genius2003 July
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Chipped Opal (Or Polishing Opal)2003 July
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Search for Opal Deposit2003 June
Goats Led the Way to Mine2003 June
How Geodes Are Created2003 June
Test for Topaz2003 June
Shop Hints - Rust & Sandpaper2003 June
Collecting Micrometeorites2003 June
Yowah Nuts Mini-Seminar2003 June
Glaciers in the Sahara Desert2003 June
Beaders Beware2003 June
June Gem & Mineral Shows2003 June
President's Message2003 May
May Snippets2003 May
Opal Workshop Opens in June2003 May
Healing Opal and Other Topics2003 May
Factoids: the Hope Diamond2003 May
Opalized Boulder2003 May
Carving Gem-Quality Opal2003 May
But the Rocks Are All Wrong2003 May
What Is Serbian Green Opal?2003 May
May Gem & Mineral Shows2003 May
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April Meeting Agenda2003 April
Board of Directors Minutes2003 April
April Snippets2003 April
Donation to AOS2003 April
Handy Hints2003 April
Tips and Hints on Opal2003 April
Tucson - February 20032003 April
Strange Mineral Tales2003 April
Blast From the Past2003 April
Quartz Family Seminar2003 April
Opal and Hyalite2003 April
La Basin Fossils2003 April
Synthetic Opals  -Not Imitation2003 April
Calcite Eyes2003 April
Cleavage in Crystals2003 April
Gem Shows2003 April
President's Message2003 March
Snippets From Lr2003 March
A Mint's Worth of Gold2003 March
Goldstone2003 March
Some Aspects of Precious Opal Synthesis2003 March
Opal Cutting Tips2003 March
$50 Million Sapphire for Sale2003 March
Strange Relics From the Earth2003 March
Cutting Boulder Opal2003 March
March Gem & Mineral Shows2003 March
Election Results2003 February
Hints & Tips for Rockhounds2003 February
President's Message2003 February
Snippets2003 February
Cloud's Jamboree Report2003 February
Opal Care2003 February
Stan McCall on His Own2003 February
Everything You Need to Know About Taking Care of Opals2003 February
The Beilby Layer2003 February
Alternative to Dopping Wax2003 February
Packing Fragile Specimens for Mailing2003 February
The Theory of Tumbling2003 February
 Tucson Show Guide2003 February
President's Message2003 January
Shop and Field Trip Hints2003 January
January Snippets                     2003 January
Ballot for Election of officers2003 January
December Christmas Dinner Party2003 January
How Should I Grade An Opal?2003 January
Identifying Stable Opal2003 January
Hardness Scale2003 January
The Most Common Mineral2003 January
Storing Opal2003 January
Quartzsite Shows2003 January
Artic Opal2003 January
Gold Karat2003 January
Other Shows - January 20032003 January
President's Message2002 December
Dealers at the Opal & Gem Show2002 December
Utah Opalite2002 December
Jewelry Polishing Compounds2002 December
Lapidary Polishing Compounds2002 December
The Story of Cameo Carving2002 December
Opal - Slovak National Stone2002 December
Tips & Hints2002 December
Changes in Opal Colors Over Time2002 December
Trillions of Diamonds From Asteroid Collisions2002 December
Some Notes on Optical Effects in Gemstones2002 December
A Dopping Tip for All Y'All2002 December
Brazilian Opal2002 December
December Gem & Mineral Shows2002 December
President's Message2002 November
Bonita Chamberlin on Gemstones of Afghanistan2002 November
Opal & Gem Show Program2002 November
Yella Jimmy - Part 3, Conclusion2002 November
Polishing Yowah Opal2002 November
Origin of Desert Varnish2002 November
Untried Shop Tips2002 November
Weights Used in Precious Metals & Jewelry2002 November
Opal Setting Philosophy2002 November
Feldspar - Ubiquitous Mineral2002 November
November Gem Shows2002 November
President's Message2002 October
Opal & Gem Show Seminar Schedule2002 October
The Opals and Dinosaurs Exhibit2002 October
Opal Rubs2002 October
Yella Jimmy  - Part 22002 October
Crazed Opal Advice2002 October
How to Shape and Polish Opals Without Machinery2002 October
“Paua Shell” - New Zealand Opal2002 October
Blue Opal2002 October
AOS Field Trip to Spencer Idaho2002 October
October Gem Shows2002 October
President's Message2002 September
Birefringence2002 September
Another Trick for Cutting Mexican Jelly Opal2002 September
Treating Andamooka Matrix Opal2002 September
News From Down Under2002 September
Yella Jimmy  - Part 12002 September
Spencer Opal2002 September
September Gem Shows2002 September
Opal Terms2002 September
President's Message2002 August
August Gem Shows2002 August
Mineral Cleaning2002 August
Opal Waste2002 August
Tips on Cutting Lambina Opal2002 August
Stabilizing Opal and Turquoise2002 August
Safety – Safety - Safety and More Safety!!2002 August
Tips & Hints2002 August
The American Opal Society Roster As of August 20022002 August
President's Message2002 July
More Archived Newsletters online2002 July
July Gem Shows2002 July
Usps Irradiation: Its Effect on Gems2002 July
Tips for Cutting Boulder Opal2002 July
How to Identify a Meteorite2002 July
Visiting Meteor Crater2002 July
President's Message2002 June
The McCondra Report2002 June
More Archived Newsletters online2002 June
June Gem Shows2002 June
In Memoriam  May 18, 2002 - John Sinkankas - Pillar of Modern Mineralogy2002 June
Agates Rich in Fiber!2002 June
The Tagua Nut (Vegatable Ivory)2002 June
Jogger's Jewel2002 June
Opal Cutting Factors - House of Tibara2002 June
Finding and Finishing Ammonites2002 June
President's Message2002 May
Trip Report - Happy Ending for a Chicken (Morefield Mine)2002 May
Opal Society Workshop2002 May
More Archived Newsletters online2002 May
Stephen Aracic's New Book2002 May
May Gem Shows2002 May
Finding Maximum Opal Value & Opal Buying  - House of Tibara2002 May
President's Message2002 April
Safety Report -Space in Your Suitcase Flying2002 April
Newsletter Archives online2002 April
April Gem Shows2002 April
Streaking Minerals — Streak Testing!2002 April
Extremophiles Produce Solid Gold2002 April
A Petrified Wood Fact2002 April
Tips & Hints2002 April
Real Or Fake? Opal Synthetics, Simulants, Etc.2002 April
Opal Buying Factors: Light  - House of Tibara2002 April
President's Message2002 March
Meeting Format Change2002 March
February Speaker - Jim Pisani2002 March
Opal Mining and Formation Presentation2002 March
Membership Renewals2002 March
AOS Opal Show Venue2002 March
AOS Member Honored - Cathy Gaber2002 March
Tucson Trip Report2002 March
Electrical Safety2002 March
New Opal Chat Forum2002 March
Looking for a Few Good People!2002 March
Show Dates2002 March
The McCondra Report - Matrix Opal2002 March
Treatment of Andamooka Matrix Opal2002 March
Quartzsite Notes2002 February
Election Results!2002 February
Precious Opal of Lead Pipe Springs, Ca2002 February
Show Dates2002 February
Federation Liability Insurance2002 February
Cfms Earth Science Studies - Zzyzx2002 February
President's Message2002 January
Trip to Idaho Blue Opal Mine2002 January
Trip Report From Aussie Opal Country2002 January
Rusty Nail2002 January
Block of Rooms Reserved Quality Inn for Nov. Show2002 January
Donations Sought for Show2002 January
Show Dates2002 January
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AOS Holiday Dinner Announcement2001 December
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Making Opal Doublets and Triplets2001 December
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Announcement - November New Member Special!!!2001 November
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Australian Calendar of Events2001 November
Warning Opal Pox2001 November
Petrified Wood2001 November
Bonita Chamberlin on Afghanistan2001 November
Oregon Thunderegg History2001 November
American Opal Society’S 34Th Opal & Gem Show Dealer List2001 November
In Memoriam - Murray Schiff2001 October
President's Message2001 October
Announcement - November New Member Special!!!2001 October
Opal Show Prizes2001 October
October Speaker - Mike Kowalsky2001 October
A Message of Support From America’S Friends Down Under - 9/11/012001 October
October Show Dates2001 October
Opal Society Workshop2001 October
 “Danger in the Mines - Bonita Chamberlin on Afghanistan2001 October
North American Opal 2001 October
President's Message2001 September
Interview With Len Cram - His Publishing Plans2001 September
Announcement - Prizes Received2001 September
In Memoriam: Cliff Coan2001 September
September Speaker2001 September
The McCondra Report - Grawin  / Glengarry Opal Rush2001 September
Newsletter Archives online2001 September
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Trip Report: Topaz Mountain Gem Mine, Tarryall, Colorado2001 September
Bonita Chamberlin on Afghanistan2001 August
Reserve Rooms Now for Quality Hotel for Nov Show!2001 August
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Expansion Plan for National Training Center at Fort Irwin2001 August
In Memoriam  - Phil Pearl and Len Toelk2001 July
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Australia Opal Supplies2001 July
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Reserve Rooms Now at Qualtiy Inn for Nov. Show2001 July
Change of Schedule for AOS Workshop2001 July
Idaho Trip Postponed2001 July
2001 Election Ballot2001 June
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President's Message2001 June
Adhesives for Doublets and Triplets2001 June
All About Opals2001 June
Trip to Idaho Blue Opal Mine2001 June
Trip Report from Aussie Opal Country2001 June
Safety Report - Rusty Nail2001 June
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Review of Western Queensland Opals Cd2001 May
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Safety Report- Rock and Roll - Is Your Vehicle Ready?2001 May
Stone Canyon Field Trip2001 May
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Workshop Schedule2001 May
President’s Message2001 April
Danger in the Mines” Bonita Chamberlin on Afghanistan2001 April
Correction!2001 April
Opal and Weathering Related Research Projects2001 April
Stoddard Wells Tailgate Report2001 April
Opal Cutting Classes Chicago Area2001 April
Blm Schedules Open House to Discuss Northern Mojave Desert Ohv Route Network2001 April
Opal Doublets in Lightning Ridge2001 April
Special Award to Opal Society Member - Matti Tikka2001 April
Safety Report-  Maybe Later Than You Think2001 April
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Safety Report: The Poisonous Trio2000 March
WELCOME NEW MEMBERS - George Butts2000 March
The McCondra Report - Opal Fossils of Australias - Part 22000 March
Looking Back2000 March
OPAL MINING ADVENTURES – Virgin Valley Nevada  - Part 42000 March
Notes From Lightning Ridge2000 March
Fossils2000 March
Ode to an Opalholic2000 March
How to Find the Star in a Garnet2000 March
CFMS Field Trip to Stone Canyon2000 March
OPAL MINING ADVENTURES – Virgin Valley Nevada Pt. 32000 February
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FEBRUARY GENERAL MEETING - Opal Mining Video2000 February
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Opal Mining Adventure - Virgin Valley Nevada2000 January
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A special thanks to all the 1999 Opal Show dealers:2000 January
Congratulations to our own Brad Smith on the success of LA-Rocks2000 January
Equipment needed for carving2000 January
The McCondra Report - Thong it2000 January
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Workshop schedule2000 January
Notes From Lightning Ridge2000 January
Dictionaries and Opal – through the years…2000 January
Safety Report - Rock and Roll - Is Your Vehicle Ready?2000 January
CCC Camp Restored in Virgin Valley2000 January
New Club Insurance Obtained2000 January
Discovery of the Hauser Geode Beds2000 January
Australian Opal at its Best by Barb Whyre, and, Dues renewal information.1999 July
President's message and workshop information.1999 July
President's message continued, name badge information, and Book Review by Len Toelk-Discover Opals with Surface Indications.1999 July
Itemizations:  CFMS Insurance, Bill Burns Guest Speaker for June, Badges, Workshop Open, Museum news, Clare Gagnon July speaker, Opal show-11/06-07, Silver.1999 July
Silver continued, and Workshop schedules.1999 July
AOS Help wanted, and, Australian Opal at its Best by Barb Whyre1999 July
Primitive Jewelry Making from Rockorder-05/99, and, On Cooperation, Field Trips and the Internet, by Teresa Masters from San Diego Council Internet Liaison.1999 July
CFMS Show information and AOS dues information1999 May
President's message and workshop information; Cliff Coan's Talk:  Real World Opal Cutting, Part II1999 May
Cliff Coan's Real World Opal Cutting, Part II, Badge Information, and, Special Safety Report: Dynamite.1999 May
New Members info. and Itemizations:  Workshop news, Museum news, Rockhounding Field trips via Internet, Opal Polishing compounds.1999 May
Conclusion Cliff Coan's Real World Opal Cutting, Workshop schedule.1999 May
AOS Help wanted, and, Calendar of events1999 May
The Story Cameo Carving from Mountain Gem via Rockhound News The Magic Number 33 (land use) by Carl Boucher, Toyota Trails and Blue Ribbon Magazine 01/99.1999 May
McCondra Report-Potch1999 May
Cutting Lambina Opal by Steve Newstrom, and, Book Review by Len Cram-A Journey with Color1999 May
Article reporting Part One of talk by guest speaker Cliff Coan on subject of Real World Opal Cutting gives info about buying rough, equipment to use, is opal fragile?, always cut for quality, crazing, stabilizing1999 April
Carol Bova describes progress toward new workshop arrangements, and Stoddard Wells tailgate show.1999 April
Article, Humor in Mineralogy1999 April
Book review The World of Opals by Allan W. Eckert1999 April
Help Wanted listing various club job openings1999 April
Satire on fossil search (April Fools article)1999 April
Gem carving and polishing class by Harriette Breitman; fossils - article discusses dinosaur exhibit at LA County Nat History Museum1999 April
Article How to Shape and Polish Opals without Machinery1999 April
BLM Talk at Holtville Nov 27, 1998 article discusses BLM management of southeastern California desert areas1999 March
Item announces March guest speaker to be opal cutter Cliff Coan1999 March
Chatoyant Opal article about composition of cat's eye opal1999 March
Resurfacing Diamond Belts discusses applying epoxy and diamond compound mixture to worn diamond belts.1999 March
Lambina or Bust short tidbit about rush on in Lambina1999 March
McCondra Report character profile of Gelignite Jack who carried dynamite pretty much wherever he went; item about setting proper speed for saw blade; item describing quicksand1999 March
Swap Meet Opal Question response to inquiry from a novice opal lover about buying an opal ring at a swap meet. Article covers valuation, rarity, possible fake or synthetic opal, assembled opals (doublets - triplets), and advice on where to buy1999 March
Gold Bugs? discusses scientific theory that a bacteria may be the source of gold dust as it takes gold out of solution from streams; Did You Know? discusses the fact that coconuts produce pearls1999 March
Memoriam for Richard Barnett, owner of Opal Canyon1999 February
Mexican Jelly Opals article by Noel Rowe discusses locations and cutting techniques1999 February
McCondra Report The No-No Topic of cracky opal1999 February
Article Tabasheer Opals by Barr L. Doty, ISA, GG discusses the occurrence of opal in nature (both plants and animals create opal as part of their structures and for a number of different uses discussed herein)1999 February
Article Salability of Opals with Imperfections extracts from a series of articles in Lap Digest #1951999 February
Article, Attention Desert Enthusiasts - a call to action in support of keeping open the southern California desert regions.1999 February
Advertising rates for The Opal Express1999 February
Request for guest speakers for the Show Symposium1999 January
Opal Carving by Harriette Breitman; Cutting Mexican opal article from Lap Digest #1891999 January
Itemization notes magazine for opal lovers Metal Stone & Glass; another item describes biggest field trip ever (1,800 rockhounds attended)1999 January
Australian Opal Update by Barr Doty1999 January
Membership roster1999 January
Variety of items from Lap Digest #189 about handling small stones including cutting small opals1999 January
Cutting Approaches - Opalized Clam Fossils by Russ Madsen1999 January
Election ballot; Christmas party notice1998 December
1998 Opal Show report listing door prizes donated and winners1998 December
McCondra Report discusses rush at Lambina field; further Christmas party discussion1998 December
Itemization: Clare Gagnon recognized with a lifetime membership in AOS (Walt Johnson was recipient in 1997); Bob Dixon's report on Camp Paradise including gold panning tips; Mike Kowalsky's report on touring Australia; Len Cram's new book and how to order1998 December
Remember When item from June 1974 meeting report talks about a session using the AOS opal appraisal kit1998 December
Special thanks to Rockhound Notes for nice article about the AOS show using our Press Release1998 December
CFMS Earth Science Studies - ZZYZX Road 1999 application1998 December
Article - OPALS, The Care and Feeding of by AOS member Barr L. Doty, ISA, GG1998 December
Quartzite News, with event dates and the usual motel list1998 December
President's message regarding 31st annual Opal Show1998 November
Opal Show news discusses show dates, Opal Symposium speakers including Tim Thomas, Barbara McCondra, Walt Johnson, Harriette Breitman, and featured guest speaker Bob Jones of Rock & Gem magazine1998 November
Item re next month's general meeting guest speakers will be Bob Dixon (on attending Camp Paradise Earth Studies = Zzyzx north), and Mike Kowalsky continuing re trip to Australia1998 November
Egyptian soldering technique for granulation explained; item re world's largest meteorite found in China1998 November
Item re use of vibratory tumblers for polishing opal preforms; item re carving workshop held by Harriette Breitman1998 November
Opal - Cabochon cutting on flat laps with hand sanding – part two of two part article1998 November
Pres msg discusses theft of the back board from the AOS club display.1998 October
Opal Show dealers listing1998 October
McCondra Report article titled Boulder Opal Splits1998 October
Itemizations discuss displays at Gene Autry Museum (Gold Fever), and Rio Hotel & Casino (Russian Treasures)1998 October
Short article details 1998 opal show plans1998 October
Article by Larissa Williams OPAL - Cabochon Cutting on Flat Laps with Hand Sanding1998 October
Opal Show, Symposium speakers detailed1998 October
Article by Jay Carey, Australian Opal Journey describes recent trip down under by Jay along with Mike Kowalsky. They visit many opal sites, fossick and dig for opal and experience their share of vehicle trouble in the outback.1998 September
Opal carving workshops offered by Harriette Breitman1998 September
Blue Ribbon Coalition specifically mentions rockhounding as a form of outdoor recreation to be recognized as public land use1998 September
Request for members to get on an AOS email listing1998 September
Recognition of Lapidary Journal and Rock & Gem opal issues1998 September
Show calendar1998 September
Article by Pete Goetz Opals at Museums (and...) discussion of trip by board members to the LA Natural History museum to view the opal collection there.1998 September
McCondra Report Phobia Retort article discusses further the issues of fear in cutting opal1998 September
Article Federal Guns Protect Environment? reprint, with one-time publication permission only, of article by Dennis Casebier outlining how many land use agents are armed and authorized to make arrests.1998 September
Article Opal Varieties and Variables reprinted here from a couple other newsletters, this article has interest primarily for its errors in describing opal. These errors range from slight to quite surprising in this modern day and age.1998 September
Rockhound Safety discusses proper lifting techniques, then cautions against licking rocks with ones tongue. Some minerals are poisonous and a fungus may be contracted.1998 September
Character profile by Barbara McCondra Nine Mile Kenny1998 September
Opal Digging at the Black Rock (Desert, near Gerlach Nevada) article about their vacation trip to the area. Describes the region and what to expect, hard rock digging in basalt1998 August
Spencer Opal Triplets article discusses selecting rough, construction tips, fire types/colors, triplet jewelry1998 August
CFMS director's report by Harold Andersen1998 August
Remember When items... using sections of auto exhaust pipe (stainless steel) for casting flasks; and the price of gold in 19721998 August
A Lightning Ridge Miner's Poem submitted by Barbara McCondra (author Mayo Hunter)1998 August
Letter to the editor from Len Cram reporting about his new book and the set of 3 signed posters made from 3 of his new photographs1998 August
Marie the Flying Nun, character profile by Barbara McCondra1998 August
California FED page article describes website that includes links to all land use agencies of the US and California1998 August
CFMS Earth Science Studies application blank (northern CA)1998 August
Answer to last month's scientific quiz Hydro Melonis is (of course) Water Melon!1998 August
President’s Message talks about Russ Madsen trip to the Black Rock desert opal mining area and Olive M. Colhour (gem carver and lapidary artist) celebrating her 100th birthday1998 July
Article about Coober Pedy celebrating the opening of opal mining season1998 July
Science quiz about hydro melonis (answer = water melon)1998 July
Article The Prima Donna of Lightning Ridge by Barbara McCondra1998 July
Article Making Opal Doublets and Triplets by Richard O. Martin (Richard specifically reserves any further copyright permission on this article)1998 July
Opal Canyon - short field trip report1998 June
Opal to tell where it came from (part 4) (concluded with this installment)1998 June
Cutting Challenges (part 5) (concluded with this installment)1998 June
Itemization item this issue entirely devoted to land use noting several instances where administrative decree is being used to attempt to avoid congressional review or oversight of land closures1998 June
Opal Pricing - discussion focuses on Paul Downing's prices being set very high compared to real world experience of dealers; additional comments discuss relationship between cost per gram and selling price per carat1998 June
The McCondra Report - Opalphobia discusses fear of cutting opal and how to get over it1998 June
Optical Phenomena in Gems article gives decent overview of where color comes from in various gem stones including opal. Phenomena discussed include: dispersion, interference, asterism, chatoyancy, opalescence, iridescence and schiller effect.1998 June
Field trip to Opal Canyon set for next weekend.1998 May
McCondra Report discusses a variety of ways to collect opal related materials: books, specimens of opal, types of opal mining, base colors, free form shapes, even opal personalities1998 May
Reprint of item noting that the Bonanza Opal Mine in Virgin Valley will open for public fee digging in tailings1998 May
White Buffalo Turquoise item describes white turquoise: where it has been found and why it got its name1998 May
Item describing a fee digging date for Cerro Gordo Mine dump digging1998 May
Canterra Opals article describes Mexican stones cut with matrix still surrounding the opal1998 May
Item about synthetic spinel caps for doublets/triplets1998 May
AFMS safety article Rotary Slingshots discusses hazards of rotating equipment such as grinders and saws1998 May
eliminating flat spots hints and tips1998 May
U Otter See It reprint from CFMS about entering judging contests at California Federation show.1998 May
How They Did It In The Old Days article about ancient lapidary techniques for cutting, grinding, sanding, and polishing.1998 May
World's Easiest Quiz? cute list of simple questions with unusual answers1998 May
What to Bring In Your Opal Digging Kit1998 April
Extinct trees found growing in Australia1998 April
Land use: disappearing BLM 14 day camping sites1998 April
The Kitchen Table Opal Triplet1998 April
Buying opal triplet material discussion by Darlene Munroe1998 April
Tumbling tips1998 April
McCondra Report discusses new type of potch, ice cream opal out of Spencer, Idaho. Creamy white with pink swirls. No color play.1998 March
researcher calls for opal chip samples from around the world for study with electron microscope. Wants to study the size and ordering of the silica spheres.1998 March
Cutting Challenges (part 4)1998 March
Yogo Gulch sapphires article; notes on making doublets and triplets1998 March
Opal Identification-How to Tell Where It Came From (part 3)1998 March
Biographical info on Conrad Grundke and father Bill Grundke, Connie was Feb guest speaker on Intarsia1998 February
Item about how to sign up for Lapidary Digest1998 February
Remember When article about final steps for finishing/polishing opal; shop hint - how to measure 1 oz of tumbling grit1998 February
Article re opal terms for the Certificate of Assessment by the Lightning Ridge Miner's Association Opal Advisory Board; shop hint gives method for picking up excess silver solder off a project1998 February
Opal Identification-How to Tell Where It Came From (part 2)1998 February
Cutting Challenges (part 3)1998 February
Article noting Mike Kowalsky has donated his personal showcase to the club1998 February
ZZYZX Road item; Tucson Tent collapses under heavy rain1998 February
CFMS item to the effect that an agreement was reached with the BLM for the Federation to adopt a road into a new wilderness area in the Cady Mountains. In exchange, collecting access will be permitted.1998 February
Another item about land use discusses efforts to stop funding for biosphere reserves; to prevent the president from future outright declarations of wilderness without Congressional approval.1998 February
Article noting an opal mine is again open for public digging in Spencer, Idaho1998 February
Report: David Burton's January talk on Yowah opal. Included are comments about cutting, polishing, splitting nuts, fossils etc.1998 February
Welcome 26 new members1997 December
Workshop equipment needed1997 December
McCondra Report Barbara gives book review of Oyster an adventure set in the Outback of Australia1997 December
1997 Opal Show Door Prize list (44 prizes!)1997 December
1997 Opal Show demonstrators thanked, and Raffle Prize winners1997 December
1997 Opal Show dealers listed and thanked for being with us. 23 Dealers are listed and there are two more that will be noted next issue.1997 December
Cutting Challenges by Russ Madsen, first part of a write-up of Tim Thomas' 1997 Opal Symposium talk.1997 December
Lapidary Glues and Cements series of notes reprinted from Lapidary Digest (online magazine). Application - doublets and triplets.1997 December
Workshop news & schedule1997 December
Opal Show dealers (twenty four!)1997 November
Prez message presents list of upcoming speakers.1997 November
Opal Show articles by Jay Carey and Russ Madsen1997 November
Opal Show demonstrators article; Opal Symposium article1997 November
Opal Symposium speakers described; article about ORCHID the BBS for jewelry artisans1997 November
McCondra Report, nice article about the old times and new times for Australian miners.1997 November
Item OPALS OPALS OPALS reprint from 10/97 newsletter of Pasadena Lapidary Society item discusses general opal characteristics1997 November
Coober Pedy item from Murray Willis describes Kent Willis dealing with equipment failures and is generally a good down to earth description of what it's like today on the fields in Coober Pedy; article about up coming Australian tour with Barbara McCondra1997 November
Item about removing opal from a setting when it was glued in place with Super Glue; article about Feathering Glue used to hold sanding paper on a disc1997 November
CFMS AFMS news item regarding creation of International Biospheres1997 October
Workshop schedule1997 October
McCondra Report touches on Yowah opal festival a little more about Aboriginal land claims, mention of Lightning Ridge Opal Expo1997 October
Membership survey questions about how people want club to operate; item about needed workshop equipment1997 October
Reprint of 1994 item about a high quality plastic opal fooling major, recognized dealers; another item about public lands being converted to National Parks, Monuments etc.1997 October
Item about another sale of Mexican opal rough; AFMS news about 50th annual AFMS show this year, held in Mississippi; also AFMS item about lobbying activities permissible to tax exempt clubs.1997 October
Article about search for opal on Mars in effort to determine if life on mars exists or existed1997 September
Article about appeal factor and its role in jade pricing1997 September
President Message makes reference to article by Russ Madsen published in Rock & Gem about the AOS1997 September
Board meeting item noting Betty Sheffler will be made honorary member of AOS1997 September
Welcome to new members lists about 19 names1997 September
Item from internet via Hale Sweeney's Lapidary Digest discusses cracky opal from certain levels of Mintabie1997 September
Biggest Andamooka boulder opal (8 feet 11 inches)1997 September
Workshop article by Carol Bova1997 September
Article about lung condition which can be fatal and which results from inhaling silica dust; polishing hint to use zinc oxide on jade from New Zealand1997 September
Article about Intaglios, the large rock art pictures in the southwest desert near Blythe1997 September
Desert safety precautions1997 September
Workshop news notes attendance is going nicely and thanks Carol Bova for the use of a 6 trim saw.1997 September
Remember When reprint of two articles one about the bad luck myth of opal, the other about treating opal with muriatic acid to enhance the color play1997 August
Workshop note... Stan McCall is receiving phone inquiries to setup shop dates1997 August
Betty Sheffler Day1997 August
August General Meeting topic to be How To Cut Mexican Rough1997 August
July meeting report about the sale of Mexican rough1997 August
Items about 1997 Symposium topics from Tim Thomas and Walter Skinner1997 August
News about Ross Stambler; 1997 show update1997 August
Book review of Paul Downing's Opal Adventures1997 August
CFMS item about creating UNESCO International Biospheres (effect is to increase the size of ALL National parks to include a buffer zone and a cooperation zone)1997 August
Gasoline can safety procedures1997 August
Description of July meeting to be sale of Mexican rough1997 July
Helpful hints 1) polishing silver 2) chlorine bleach can damage gold  3) tumble polishing silver 4)  dishwashing detergent to clean  oil from sawed slabs 5) avoid lead solder 6) acid fumes will rust tools 7) wear eye protection when soldering platinum1997 July
Lapidary Digest online email list...covers all subjects except faceting send message to <> with words SUBSCRIBE DIGEST on the Subject line.1997 July
McCondra Report discusses attending gem shows as one of the best ways to prospect for opal1997 July
Barbara McCondra's report of her inaugural Australian opal tour. Describes it as a success.1997 July
Russ's discussion about newsletter content and need for membership input1997 July
Reprint of article in Gem Carvers newsletter about making diamond tools for sanding and polishing a carved surface1997 June
Various items; 1) Mexican opal rough to be sold to members,  2) opal calendar put off too expensive,  3) show help needed  -report about May guest speaker Drew Lovett and his diamond mining experiences1997 June
Opal Dopping Techniques by Russ Madsen1997 June
Item by Carol Bova about the April field trip to Opal Canyon item about new AOS voice mail1997 June
Membership list corrections/additions, Opal Polish article by Tim Thomas1997 June
Item about BLM usage guidelines for Barstow area rockhounding1997 June
Remember When presents letter to AOS dated 1987 from Barbara McCondra sent from Australia1997 May
Prez msg about putting the AOS opal Show Case in the Searchers show. Other than appearing at AOS shows, this is the first time our case has been displayed to the public in at least 5 years.1997 May
Item about opal found in Death Valley in early 1900's; item about production diamond mine opened in Colorado in 1996 (first large scale commercial diamond mine in North America)1997 May
Article Geology With Tongue In Cheek funny piece using play on words.1997 May
1997 Membership directory1997 May
Various items: Mexican rough donation; AOS opal calendar; Virgin Valley welcomes AOS members to dig this season1997 May
- 9 AFMS/CFMS item - conclusion of list begun last issue showing what the CFMS does for member clubs plus what clubs can do for the AFMS/CFMS1997 May
Field trip report on visit to Opal Canyon 4/19-4/20/971997 May
Remember When items (1) smoke treating Mexican opal to turn it black (2) 1982 Opal Canyon field trip report1997 April
Prez msg Wes Roth suggests using quartz as a lapidary material to help self-study of polishing techniques; workshop info1997 April
Name badges continue to be requested; item about Russ Madsen being guest speaker at Long Beach Mineral & Gem Society; general meeting report about grading the Mexican opal rough being donated (more on this opal in future issues)1997 April
Letter to Editor from Oregon member Harry Barrett who drove down to attend Len cram's talk; note from Len Cram correcting errors from last issue in reporting details of Opalton opal mining activity1997 April
Field Trip to Opal Canyon, with map and particulars to expect1997 April
AFMS CFMS news, listing of benefits and features to a club that belongs to CFMS/AFMS1997 April
Remember When items. Listing of past presidents. Item about care of opal. Workshop update.1997 March
Prez msg includes cutting tip to use quartz to learn good polishing techniques. It will show ALL scratches. Vice Prez msg from Carol Bova.1997 March
McCondra Report discussion of black opal from the Ridge.1997 March
Report of the Inaugural meeting of the Phoenix chapter (opal salon). Len Cram was their guest speaker.1997 March
Huge garnet in Australia; opal described -Doug Mitchell; Comet Hale-Bopp -Doug Mitchell1997 March
Opal Folklore and Facts -Wayne D. Hadley; Paper From Rocks? Item about paper from basalt; Fire In A Mountain item about underground coal fire in Australia1997 March
GIA new headquarters opening now in Carlsbad, CA1997 March
AFMS / CFMS discussion of maintaining historical club records; February guest speaker Len Cram1997 March
Workshop info1997 February
February guest speaker to be Len Cram1997 February
McCondra Report discusses Yowah region and also includes a nice discussion of slang terms from the Australian opal fields.1997 February
Item about new Fred Ward book on opal.1997 February
Item from the internet about fluorescent opal found in the US1997 February
Discussion about the potential donation of a quantity Mexican opal rough; general meeting for February was devoted to sorting and grading the material1997 February
Memoriam for Walt Lentz; 1997 field trip plans underway1997 January
Workshop item discusses ongoing negotiations1997 January
McCondra Report field reports/items, anecdotal discussion about Yowah's Living History1997 January
The Perfect? Light Weight First Aid Kit -Chris Rylands1997 January
Coober Pedy news from Murray Willis1997 January
Quartzite News1997 January
How to Save Money Time & Grief When Buying Opal -Tim Thomas1997 January
McCondra Report discusses the Mehi Field's recent increase in production, also some discussion about production levels generally1996 December
Article about the new workshop plans1996 December
Origin of Opal and Its Colors reprinted from the Northwest Opal Association Newsletter of 9/961996 December
Cold dopping technique; new opal groups forming around the US1996 December
Opal reminisces by John Hall, a nice piece by John about some of the past personalities and events of the AOS1996 November
Item about the Eclectic Lapidary e-magazine published by Carol Bova; item about use of computers in rockhound newsletters1996 November
Item about the upcoming 1996 OPAL & GEM Show1996 November
Carving tips and hints from a visit with Edith Ostrander1996 November
Hint on cleaning and reusing saw oil by adding water, heating and then freezing; hint to prevent scratches on silver using clear self-adhesive shelf paper; article about German researchers making diamonds with a new process1996 November
Article about Bill Judd founder of AOS being honored (note the dates are wrong, AOS was formed in 1964, California chapter was formed in 1967); listing of past presidents by John Hall.1996 November
Note that more dealers than ever have signed up for show tables1996 November
Remember When - second/final part of That Fickle Dame Opal 1996 October
The McCondra Report-Barbara discusses recent efforts of aboriginal people to take back the out back. If these are legally enforceable they will virtually close much of the opal bearing lands of New South Wales.1996 October
Remember When = first of two part reprint That Fickle Dame Opal from Nov 1990 Opal Express1996 September
Presents results of AFMS CFMS newsletter and article contests. In New Editor category, Russ Madsen selected second in California and 9th nationally. Also selected 5th in California's article contest for item titled Opal Fact or Fancy1996 September
1996 Opal Show news1996 September
Item about diamonds mined in Australia; CFMS item regarding interesting metalsmithing and rock work of ancient societies; letter to editor from John Hall sharing some thoughts about opal formation on the inner surface of a jar of Cowden mine opals.1996 September
Name badge reminder, suggestion to plan field trips to Opal Canyon1996 September
Opal What Is It Worth??? (...And Why?) seventh installment of article by Russ Madsen1996 August
New name badges ready, Prez msg notes AOS will have an opal display case in the Diamond Daze show.1996 August
Letter to editor from Harriette Breitman detailing her latest opal carving in a piece of lavender base color crystal; article That's Not My Job; cowboy poem The Cowboy's Sililoquy1996 August
Hints and tips for working with Yowah Nut opal from Barbara McCondra and Len Cram1996 August
July general meeting report gives tips and hints about buying, valuing, and cutting rough1996 August
Note that Russ Madsen is stepping down as club secretary, Stan McCall taking over; Diamond Daze AFMS/CFMS show is next weekend1996 August
Remember When item Getting The Most Out of Opal... article by Marvin Wilson about selecting rough and alternate approaches using carving techniques to avoid grinding away good areas with the bad (continued on Page 61996 July
Upcoming meeting topic to be opal evaluation... pair of articles about May and June guest May Stan McCall on fire agate (gem limonite): tips for cutting and selecting rough; in June Bob Gullage on marketing opal and colored gem stones1996 July
Diamond Daze show ad, Opal What Is It Worth... to return next month; note of thanks to newsletter contributors; more on name badges1996 July
CFMS AFMS news...reprint of article about record keeping requirements, hints and tips1996 July
Diamond Daze Opal Symposium schedule1996 July
Letter from Len Cram introducing article New Australian Research which he wrote for the German LJ. The article begins, then continues on pgs 5 & 61996 June
Desert survival article by Russ Madsen1996 June
Note that Shirley Barnett passed away; Lyle Backus donates library items; name bade reminder; Opal Show and Diamond Daze notes; hint to use plastic shopping bags as rock hounding sacks1996 June
Growth of online rockhounding via BBS, internet and email1996 June
Legislative letter writing, how to lobby for rockhounding; May field trip report1996 June
Reprint of article about the significance of bulletin editors; article about erroneous opal statements in magazine articles [corrections]pneumonia resulting from breathing fumes of heated epoxy1996 June
Show calendar; two poems sent in by members-(1) Bob Dixon; (2) Cathy Gaber; article about the theft of opals from Michael Ferguson's collection ($400,000 value!).1996 June
Remember When reprint of Opal Express 1987 discussion of Dealer Customer Relations1996 May
Library News...note listing items missing from library; index of library video tapes; name badges ongoing1996 May
AFMS CFMS News...August show details; land closure laws to affect Quartzite1996 May
Welcome new members; Field Trip for May to Opal Canyon; report of Barbara McCondra's talk at April meeting1996 May
Library index of all published items except videotapes(books, magazines etc).1996 May
Note that The Opal Express has been selected among top 3 bulletins in California1996 May
Opal What Is It Worth??? (...And Why???) sixth installment discusses the fact that there is no retail market for finished opal stones.1996 May
Remember when reprints from March 1973 newsletter: (item 1) comments about upcoming guest speaking Clarence Rudd; (item 2) note about opal rush to Angledool1996 April
Letters from Murray Willis about murder in Coober Pedy and invite to go to his/Kent's mines; JFF first aid kit reviewed in MCN1996 April
AFMS CFMS news...AFMS letter to editor about opal flaking apart in jars (???); Each Year-Each Club-One Rockhound our first nominee Jay Carey; Fossil Preservation Act of 1996 HR 29431996 April
Guest speakers...upcoming Barbara McCondra for April, Stan McCall for May; report of Harriette Breitman's talk on carving and polishing opal1996 April
(Harriette Breitman continued); hand polishing opal1996 April
Show calendar; The McCondra Report; short installment of Opal What Is It Worth? series1996 April
Polishing Tips by Harriette Breitman...additional comments by Russ Madsen1996 March
Remember When reprint from April 1971 newsletter about carving1996 March
4th installment of Opal...What Is It Worth? (...And Why?) series1996 March
Letter to editor from John Hall about beginnings of AOS; tips for lapidary saws1996 March
February board business overview: election results, library open now, name badges; report of February guest speakers (1st) Kent Willis on Coober Pedy, (2nd) David Burton on the opal scene at Tucson/Quartzite this year1996 March
(guest speakers continued); upcoming speaker for March - Harriette Breitman to discuss carving techniques); note that Barbara McCondra will speak in April; Feed Back and Questions-request for input from members about what they want in the newsletter1996 March
Coober Pedy news from Murray Willis1996 March
Remember When reprints of items from July and August 1973 AOS newsletters about (1) a talk by Dr. Don Hudson in laymen's terms about opal's structure and where the fire comes from;1996 February
1996 field trip to Opal Canyon and Barnett Opal Mine plans; Internet listing of fee digging sites described and our participation providing description of US opal sites such as Opal Canyon and the Virgin Valley1996 February
Calendar of events/shows; election reminder; various other items1996 February
Opal...What Is It Worth??? (...And Why?) third installment1996 February
Completion of triplet making instructions1996 February
Note about Virgin Valley opal presentation at Foothill Gem & Min1996 February
Virgin Valley opal talk by Bill Burns at Foothill GMS. First meeting at new location.1996 January
Prez msg Rod Griffin to speak at January meeting. Workshop closed until mid-March due to schedule conflict with Quartzite and Tucson1996 January
Opal...What Is It Worth??? (...And Why?) second installment1996 January
Reference to letter to editor in January AFMS newsletter cautioning readers NOT to use glycerin to store gem opal as glycerin is hydroscopic (attracts water molecules).1996 January
Triplet making, article from Idaho Opal Mines, first installment1996 January
Election ballot and election info; field trip notice; actions taken at the January special board of directors meeting1996 January
Photo of Opal fossil plate from show (owned by Lapidary Intl)1996 January
1996 Membership renewal form1995 December
Pres msg, December Christmas party details, workshop info1995 December
Opal Show report from Walt Lentz, Opal Seminar report from Jay Carey1995 December
Welcome to New Members (total of 25 for the period from April through and including the Opal Show); Opal Show Door Prize winner list1995 December
Opal...What Is It Worth??? (...And Why?) Article (by rgm) I sort of spaced and forgot to put my name on the article before going to the printer...oh well, it's to be continued next issue1995 December
General Meeting meeting location, Opal Theft in southern California, another opal article from Murray Willis; explosion destroys Mintabie miner's house, Dues notice1995 December
What's Happening event calendars.1995 December
Quartzite schedule/map1995 December
Diamond Daze ad1995 December
Opal show info, demonstrator list, show dealer list1995 November
Pres msg, meeting info, workshop notice1995 November
Walt Johnson talk on jewelry techniques specific to opal.1995 November
Letter to editor about the Lorralai opal carving1995 November
Opal Canyon field trip report and anniversary couple who found nicest stone1995 November
Visit with Richard Barnett about nature and structure of Kern1995 November
County opal1995 November
AFMS CFMS News...issue of not getting exhibit competition entries1995 November
What's Happening calendars; 1996 dues due notice; opal articles from Murray Willis 1) Effort to have opal named Australia's official national gem, 2) Coober Pedy fencing of fossicking areas1995 November
Advertising rate chart for newsletter ads1995 November
Opal seminar info/flier1995 October
New meeting location for 1996; field trip to Opal Canyon reminder; opal show reminder1995 October
Article re: AOS Opal Evaluation Kit/Instructions introducing the remaining Pages1995 October
AOS Opal Evaluation System instructions; article about the Paul Downing Kit the AOS has acquired1995 October
AOS Opal Appraisal Form (tm)1995 October
Field trip reminder; reprint of Coober Pedy Times article about opal production shortages in Australia; In Memoriam for Edith Ostrander1995 September
Note that David Burton is away in Australia; Nov Show update; September guest speaker to be Walt Johnson; workshop reminder1995 September
Write up of Opal Evaluation session at August meeting1995 September
Show calendar; Article History Of Opal1995 September
Candy Copeland letter to editor about Robert Genis article; my response1995 September
Text of opal section of Robert Genis article; my further responses1995 September
Len Cram letter about Robert Genis article1995 September
Len Cram letter continued; excerpts of letter received by Len Cram; my final responses; article noting release of Paul Downing's new Opal Market Calculator software (DOS based)1995 September
Gem silica limonite, CFMS news1995 August
Prez msg, August meeting info1995 August
Field Trips to Opal Canyon this fall; Letters to editor (note about Candy Copeland letter to be in Sept issue, letter from Murray Willis1995 August
1995 Opal Show info update; Opal Show door prize donation request; 45 year accumulation of rocks for sale;1995 August
Mine flier for Royal Rainbow north of Gerlach Nevada (Max & Suzy Berchtold)1995 August
,Opal Matrix treatment (to turn it black)1995 August
Article about Eric the opalized pliosaur found in Coober Pedy1995 August
Third and final in series reporting on David Kramer's April talk on retailing opal.1995 July
Write up of Murray Willis' visit. Honduran polishing tips.1995 July
Spencer Opal Mine to close due to insurance expenses.1995 July
Membership directory available.1995 July
Opal Fact Or Fancy... article.1995 July
Fourth part of Opal Cutting Simplified by Tim Thomas.1995 July
Note that Russ Madsen has donated a copy of The International Opal Journal to AOS library.1995 July
Another tip on working Honduran.1995 July
Article about lapidary classes for adults to benefit children's classes.1995 July
Article about stabilizing porous stones.1995 July
Note about I.C.E. Industries nice catalogue.1995 July
Second in series reporting David Kramer's April talk on retailing opal.1995 June
Note that Murray Willis will guest at special June meeting.1995 June
Appraising Opal article by Paul Downing.1995 June
Report of Drew Lovett's presentation about diamond mining in Africa.1995 June
Third part of Opal Cutting Simplified by Tim Thomas.1995 June
First of three in a series of reports on guest speaker David Kramer's talk about retailing opal.1995 May
Note that AOS will share a room with the Faceter's Guild at the 1996 AFMS show.1995 May
Second part of article by Tim Thomas about various opal lots he has for sale. Discussion includes evaluation system Tim uses and how it varies from Paul Downing's.1995 May
Second part of article by Tim Thomas Tips on Selecting and Cutting Opal.1995 May
Article describing the Mojave Flame.1995 May
Page x Remember When Elmer Reed discussing selection of rough.1995 April
Page x First part of article from House of Tibara Opal Cutting Simplified.1995 April
First part of article from House of Tibara Thank You discussion of general overview regarding opal.1995 April
Write-up of March talk about diamond cutting and polishing techniques by Ross Stambler.1995 April
Russ' response to letter from new member about hand-polishing and working Yowah material.1995 April
CDPA issue1995 March
Russ' article about BLM geologist Rob Waiwood's talk at Searchers meeting.1995 March
Reprint of articles from CFMS newsletter about PM-10 particulates.1995 March
Two desert news articles.1995 March
Article on desert tortoise protection plans.1995 March
Review of Feb 1995 Rock & Gem opal article about how it forms in the Virgin Valley.1995 March
Fee digging in Lightning Ridge not happening after all1995 March
Articles on how to visit both Opal Canyon and the Virgin Valley including maps to each.1995 March
Double issue due to deadline complications.1995 January
Quartzite map and article.1995 January
Jay Carey reviews 1994.1995 January
Remember When reprint of letter from Peter Lewis about impact of drought in Australia on opal production.1995 January
Note of thanks to Carla McCague on her year as president.1995 January
Article about digging for opal at Virgin Valley by Jane.1995 January
Remember When Brian Franks discusses yield from rough.1994 December
Mention of trying to set up a field trip to Virgin Valley in 1995.1994 December
Opal Show report by Jay Carey.1994 December
Jane Madsen's response to the show as a non-opalholic.1994 December
Report on Barbara McCondra's talk at Nov meeting.1994 December
Gold colloidal solutions article from Metal-smith magazine.1994 December
Reprint of Forest Service shove it up your nose article which first appeared in ICMJ.1994 November
Herman's Rock Shop in Last Chance Canyon 1940.1994 November
Russ' description of hand-working opal kit.1994 October
John Tidball's presentation on difficulty of evaluation of rare and unique items such as opal.1994 September
The Liquid Harlequin opal story.1994 September
Remember When discussion of the AOS evaluation system1994 September
Remember When, Russ' discusses movement of light within an opal and how this results in play of color.1994 August
Write-up of second Len Cram talk to Searchers meeting.1994 August
Write-up of David Burton's presentation at July meeting of their vacation trip to Australia, includes some details of how to go about visiting down under1994 August
Remember When reprint of discussion by Brian Franks on cutting Mintabe opal. Mention of Royal Rainbow mine near Gerlach NV. Report by Carla and Gary McCague of their trip to the Virgin Valley. Mention of library containing videos now.1994 July
Remember when reprint of Dr. Don Hudson's report on the reason why opals show play of color. Review of Len Cram's talk. Jay Carey reports on visiting with Paul Downing in Colorado. Report on May field trip to Opal Canyon1994 June
invitation to dig at Opal Canyon1994 May
Discussion about going to Opal Canyon to dig. Explanation about formation theory of volcanic opal (such as is found in opal canyon).1994 April
Article about the future of the Opal Society; Dealer News and reminder to sign up for show tables before June 1, 1993 to get 10% discount (thus my conclusion that this may be the April issue)1994 April
Nice introduction of themselves by Dennis and Debbie Deno1994 April
Article by Debbie Deno about colors of opal. Describes various locations and sites where background colors are found... e.g. White base, crystal, pink, blue etc1994 February
Message from Debbie Deno noting guest speaker for January meeting will discuss opal jewelry fabrication techniques and silversmithing.1994 January
No name of speaker given (Walt Johnson perhaps?)1994 January
President's message from Jay Carey gives overview of year and notes1994 January
Resurgence of the Society1994 January
reprint of Rock Chips article about opalized mussel shell fossil valued at $5 million1993 December
3000 year old dentures made by Etruscans1993 December
Prez msg from Jay Carey noting new officers for 1994 include new and old representation of membership. Two goals cited for new year: 1) new location for workshop; 2) monthly guest speakers1993 December
Jay also includes a 1993 show review noting it was a financial success. Also lists individuals who helped out.1993 December
Note about November meeting and that guest speaker was Hector Verdugo who mines Honduran opal.1993 December
mention of plan for trip to Tecopa opal deposits1993 December
nice article by Debbie Deno about her experiences with the opal show from the inside out as it were.1993 December
article by Carla and Gary McCague about going to Tecopa (same as article in July 1993 issue)1993 December
short article by Gary and Carla McCague about Mexican opal being unstable, hydrophane; includes a note of info from Jewett Pattee about cotton balls in Mexican growing outward to encompass the entire stone. Jan-Feb 19921993 December
OC Gem & Mineral Council schedule of activities1993 December
Anecdotal biography of David Burton's background in lapidary1993 September
Prez msg from Jay Carey emphasizing the benefits of membership in AOS.1993 September
Membership application1993 September
List of 1993 opal show dealers1993 September
Continuation of Tim Thomas' Opal Cutting Simplified1993 September
Bibliography of the AOS library!!!1993 August
Prez msg from Jay Carey; Jay's background biography1993 August
Continuation of Opal cutting simplified1993 August
Show listings1993 August
Editor's note...includes mention that Ross Stambler's dinosaur bone was purchased at an airport auction for $50! (yes this is the same opal fossil for which Ross recently refused $2,500-rgm 8/22/95-).1993 August
Tecopa opal deposit article by Gary and Carla McCague.1993 July
Mexican opal article, noting cotton balls that will grow continuously outward if not cut away1993 July
Begin reprint of Tim Thomas opal cutting simplified1993 July
Opals, Good Luck Or Bad...article (author unknown, perhaps Debbie Deno?) discussing the history of opal's bad luck reputation and refuting it. Also notes the good reputation opal enjoyed until the dark ages and the black plague.1993 July
Prez msg from Jay Carey noting the next guest speaker, Ted Gurssing will talk about Virgin Valley opal. Additional reference to need to help from members.1992 March
Very interesting listing of opal finds around the world presented by Majestic Gems & Carvings (Paul Downing's company). Also description of cutting and valuation classes Paul offers.1992 March
Full page ad for the Searchers annual show1992 March
Article about John Hall giving a cutting and valuation presentation in Ruidoso, NM1992 March
Article about diffraction gratings commercially available1992 March
Opal Queen of Gems article...actually a question and answer session with John Hall, this discussion includes a terse and almost non-understandable explanation of opal as a diffraction grating; paragraphs on 'where does opal come from?1992 March
The Beginnings of the AOS by John Hall1991 August
Large version of conversion chart (would work well to get fax)1991 August
Reprint of letter from Todd Schowalter (Prez of OC Gem & Min Council) asking AOS to continue as a member organization1991 August
Beautiful Australian Opals by Len Cram1991 August
Valuing Cut Opal by Paul Downing (with disclaimer that this is not the AOS system)1991 August
Cracks and crazing; Len Cram's newest book; Idar-Oberstein and the Orient1991 August
Reprint of Carvin' Marvin's description of dealing with a difficult piece of flawed opal rough1991 August
History of Opal article1991 August
Single issue covers these several months1991 August
Pres msg notes new meeting hall in bank building in Paramount, that workshop is open and in use, and that the society is still not fully viable in the sense that some members have joined, learned something about cutting in 6 months and are dwindling away.1991 June
article from Colored Stone March/April 1991 titled Australia, Thy Name Is Opal by Richard W. Wise.  -Good discussion of current (1991) production of Australian opal in various regions. Also a little history of opal, types of opal (with prices listed). .1991 June
Article from Colored Stone March April 1991 titled Black Opal Surfacing In Brazil by David Stanley Epstein.1991 June
Letter to the pres about opal valuation from Nicholas S. Souef1991 June
Letter from writer on page 5 (above) to the AGIA (Australian Gem Industry Association) about valuation.1991 June
Letter from above writer about proper setting and valuation of opals including request that Opal Society assist in keeping gemologists updated about current opal price trends.1991 June
Another letter from above which he suggests be given by retailers to opal buyers whenever a stone is sold.1991 June
Article about appearance of plastic opal simulant that sold for $3,000 as genuine opal1991 April
Reprint of article Varieties of Mexican Opal from LJ Aug 19841991 April
Note that workshop is set up and available1991 April
Orange County Gem & Mineral Council schedule of events again1991 April
Pres message notes Harold Anderson and Jay Carey joined now1991 March
Listing of pertinent metalsmithing terms defining many precious metals.1991 March
Maps of 4 opal sites in Mexico1991 March
Article about these four opal sites (Location, opal types, etc).1991 March
A list of various types of fire is noted under Mexican Opal on1991 March
Full page ad for Pasadena Lapidary Society annual show.1991 March
Reprint of Nov 1971 LJ article about where the fire comes from (note author is from Pekin, IL!); very dry and scientific article that provides little definition of scientific terms which are used throughout.1991 February
Reprint of Oct 1986 article about various opal sties in Australia1991 February
Article about how things have changed since 1945 (uh huh!)1991 February
Prez message about Peter Lewis sending over two people to sell rough and how they didn't fare too well because of cracky material from Coober Pedy and Mintabe1991 February
Depressing Prez message notes monthly meetings cut to every other month due to lack of interest.1991 January
Reprint of Paul Downing article in his Oplaholics newsletter about Journey to Queensland discussing handling and working Yowah nuts; another reprint from Opalholics about opal and oil prices1991 January
Corny notes about gross etiquette practices; also another reprint of the tables of conversion and weights1991 January
Listing of Orange County Gem and Mineral Council schedule of weekly events around the county1991 January
Reprint of extract from LJ article about Japanese manmade opals (plastics)1991 January
Prez msg from Dick Koch noting that the 1990 show was a success in that it broke even financially. Also noted that general meetings are to be held BI-MONTHLY (every other month).1990 December
Membership renewal form1990 December
White Cliffs And The Lure Of Opals article by Patsy Kovac from LJ March, 1982.1990 December
Letter from 1990 board of directors stating the club will need immediate rejuvenation and additional volunteers or it is going to die a very sad and lonely death.1990 December
Advertising rates Page for dealers etc.1990 December
Article That Fickle Dame Opal by S.A. Broom reprinted from the 1970 issue of Lapidary Journal1990 November
Misc items, sayings, note about a dopping session to precede the annual show so stones for cutting will be ready at the HANDS ON booth.1990 November
Reprint of article Treating Opal Matrix by A.G. Noel in the October 1970 issue of LJ...very good, thorough and complete discussion.1990 October
Reprint of article Karats, Carats, Carrots, and Ounces by F.D. Joesting in the October 1981 LJ. discussion of distinctions among above terms.1990 October
OPAL CUTTING CONTEST HELD BY AOS!!! Listing of rules.1990 October
President's message a few comments about the upcoming show THEN...several comments about a goodly parcel of rough bought by Michael Coppersmith for less than $30,000 evaluated by Luky Olah (of Australia) at $239,500!!!1990 September
Child geology, list of cute terms and geological expressions by children (e.g. Limestone is a green tasting rock). (Credited to PLS Bulletin of July '90 via Smoke Signals-no date)1990 September
Third part of Larry Dobrin's story about A Desert Lesson1990 September
Opal Terms excerpt from Paul Downing's book Opal Adventures1990 September
Word search puzzle using opal related words, 44 in all1990 September
General meeting review...Luky Olah selling rough at 1/2 the wholesale price Dick Koch was paying a year ago. Note that dental tools are frequently desirable for working opal.1990 August
Article A Desert Lesson (part 2 of 3) about being stranded in the desert without proper supplies and equipment by member Lawrence Dobrin1990 August
Reprint of article from Australia about Millionaires with holes in their pockets1990 August
Mention in President's msg that Mark Lasater was responsible for locating the Quality Inn as a show site. Also that Luky Olah to be selling the Olympic Field material noodled out of mullock heaps.1990 July
,Article A Desert Lesson (part 1 of 3) about being stranded in the desert without proper supplies and equipment by member Lawrence Dobrin1990 July
,Reprint of July 1984 LJ article How To Buy Opal by Monica Yue (Gem Consultants -Taiwan- Ltd.) discussion ranges from description of various opal types (white, black etc), selection parameters (thickness, weight), to doublets, triplets and simulants.1990 July
Reprint of article about large fossil dinosaur bone found in a Coober Pedy mine.1990 July
Comment in Prez message about declining membership attendance at meetings.1990 June
Reprint of article from May/June 1990 Colored Stone Market News From Down Under by Dave Unwin, Opex Opals, Australia. Discussion includes current prices of chrysoprase, sapphires.1990 June
Meeting presentation about dopping by Dick Koch1990 June
Article by Paul Downing Opal News from Opalholics Volume 8 No. 2 - 1990). Comments on various aspects of Australian mining areas.1990 June
Health hazard of 100,000 mesh diamond entering blood stream through lungs1990 June
President message discusses conditions of Australian opal fields, including pricing and availability of material from Coober Pedy to the Ridge.1990 May
Article from February 1980 LJ, Opals Can Affect You That Way by Zoltan and Dennis Berta, Berta Opal Co. Ltd., Sidney, Australia...article describes Yowah and other fields. Talks about what it's like on the fields.1990 May
Article from the March/April 1990 Colored Stone, Gemology Play-of-Color Imitation Plastics...discusses using brightly colored transparent thin sheets of plastic in a transparent colorless medium to create an opal imitation.1990 May
President message discussion about pricing various combinations of color play colors and intensity...also notes faulting stones equally for only having a percentage of their face showing color: e.g. color on 50% of face gives 50% of Evaluation Kit value.1990 April
Evaluation Kit Appraisal Form (Rev 3-3-90).1990 April
From book Opal Adventures by Paul Downing...The 'Art' of Finding Opal.1990 April
Reprint of a February (1990?) Rock & Gem article Step-By-Step Carving Opal by Wayne Hadley. Discussion focuses on changing plans when a partially finished carving was dropped and broken.1990 April
President message hints around about bad feelings among the membership and he almost offers to resign (???). Discussion about board of directors perhaps ignoring suggestions from the membership.1990 March
Chapter report of session using Evaluation Kit Appraisal Form and applying it to stones already professionally graded in Australia.1990 March
Letter from Jake and Laurita Schmidt resigning their membership due to ill health and old age...a month after this the board took action to make them honorary life members.1990 March
Reprint of article from Nov/Dec (1989?) Colored Stone, Idaho The Gem State. Article shows map of Idaho and lists sites of 24 gems and mineral species to be found there.1990 March
Ad noting publication of Paul Downing's latest book, Opal Adventures1990 March
President message notes lack of January issue because pages were lost in the mail to the printer; also that board voted to disband chapters and merge into a single unit1990 February
Opal Buying Tips from the House Of Tibara1990 February
Article from Sept/Oct 1989 Colored Stone OPALS, Discussion of opal  (1) the myths of bad luck; (2) where the word opal comes from; (3)  electron microscope; (4) good description of distinguishing valuation ; (5) discussion of various  opal fields1990 February
News from Lightning Ridge series of interesting short items1990 February
Editor's message...front page was written by editor Jewette Pattee, not president...discussion centers on recognition of show helpers. 1989 December
Memoriam to Dela Judd who passed away on the weekend of the Opal Show (Nov 14th, 1989)1989 December
President msg more thanks to show helpers and note that seminars went well. Show was at Cal State Long Beach, and apparently wasn't a totally satisfactory location.1989 December
Description of seven new GIA jewelry arts classes1989 December
Two items of interest re opal reprinted from LJ, November 1989 issue:  (1) dopping techniques; (2) new Lightning Ridge field Coocoran red-black stones sold for $6,800/carat.1989 December
Proposal to combine and dissolve AOS chapters by deleting Article 12 of the By-Laws and making Article 13 the new Article 12. This was subsequently passed in early 1990, according to board minutes and the newsletter.1989 December
Small note of interest describing how to cut black opal1989 November
Letter from Barbara McCondra1989 November
Tiny mention of copies of the videotape all About Opal being available at the annual show1989 November
Extensive article reprinted from Rock & Gem detailing a fossil, diatom and opal site east of Fallon NV. Description of opal is that it's highly fractured but show potential of having some good material.1989 November
Editor's items...including fact that members get in free. Seminars revived too. Note that Jewette is quitting as editor and that no one has volunteered to take over, therefore Opel Express may go out of print as of December 1989 issue.1989 October
President message...good discussion about proper cabbing/cutting shapes and cutting errors to avoid1989 October
Opal show, Jewelry Design Contest Rules1989 October
Article History Of Opal was exerpted from OPAL, SOUTH AUSTRALIA'S GEMSTONE by L.C. Barnes, and I.J. Townsend...a publication of the Australian Department of Mines and Energy.1989 October
Discussion of various club activities/meetings etc. Note that workshop is going very well with up to 15 members attending at a time!1989 October
Rules of jewelry contest to be held in conjunction with the annual opal show (NOTE: reference to a perpetual trophy for the professional category winner...where is it?)1989 September
Article about the finding of the complete opalized pleosaur skeleton in Coober Pedy; cute poem by Ogden Nash about extinction;1989 September
Listing of monthly opal birthstones (IMO corny!)1989 September
Treating opal matrix using silver nitrate (by Andrea Bree Gem Co); also a reproduction of weight conversion chart and estimation of carat weight based on shape of cut stone1989 September
dues reminder noted dues are half price as of July 1st!!!1989 September
Prez message notes need to recruit new members as attrition to aging has taken it's toll;1989 September
Prez message note about field price of black calibrated stones up to $10,000 a carat from $5,000.1989 September
Show info, and dealer listing (note Rainbow Ridge Opal Mines is listed as a dealer at the show=Keith Hodson).1989 August
President msg, discusses current Australian conditions (weak field prices on cut stones, drying of ground at Coober Pedy)1989 August
List of Suggested Security Measures dealers might want to take when preparing and displaying at the Opal Show.1989 August
Letter from the fields from Rod Griffin...explains why they must wait for dry ground: so the heavy equipment doesn't bog into the mud.1989 August
Mention of Harold Andersen as new member at July meeting1989 August
Listing of seminar topics: elements of jewelry design; opal mining in Australia; purchasing opal rough and cut stones; types of opal and famous opals; orienting for color; evaluating and pricing cut opal.1989 August
Editor's msg reprint of Where the Color Comes From Don Hudson article first printed in 1978 AOS newsletter.1989 July
President msg: discussion of Australian rains/flooding; mention of Dick Koch having rough and finished stones for sale from Luky Olah; further comments and interesting anecdotes generally about the opal fields.1989 July
Reprint of LJ article, date not cited) on opalized plesiosaur and further efforts to dig it out1989 July
Opal poem by Margaret McEwin taken from The Opal Book by Frank Leachman1989 June
Nice president's message from Dick Koch about being in Australia mentions the high grade crystal that rarely gets to the US1989 June
Message from member Peter Lewis in Australia discussing serious rain fall and flooding1989 June
Extensive article by Paul Downing about the Opal Cutting Straight Jacket of trying to always cut calibrated stones1989 June
Cute poem titled The Cave In1989 June
Ad for 1989 Opal Show1989 May
Reprint of ad Page Opal Gem News for a company called Opal Creations Ltd. in Hong Kong1989 May
President's message mentions flooding in Coober Pedy in March 19891989 May
Mention of world class opal first displayed at the International Jewelry show in Basel Switzerland is owned by AOS member Jeanne Rivard, owner of Australian Opal Consolidated Mining Corporation1989 May
Extensive article by Kevin Lane Smith reprinted from Gems & Gemology (GIA magazine) about opal from Opal Butte, Oregon. Much of this material is1989 May
Contra luz and this is the same material Kevin carves. His work with Opal Butte opal was featured in LJ in the early 1990's.1989 May
President's message about the AOS being a one stone club. Note that jade and opal are about the same hardness.1989 April
From the president piece about being in love with a mistress (opal)1989 April
Field trip Buffalo Canyon Opal (Nevada east of Fallon) for opals and fossil leaves reprinted from Rock & Gem September 19881989 April
Note mentioning the opal show to have seminars at $10 per person.1989 March
Bill Judd's garage (& opal club materials) tossed around severely by the Whittier Earthquake1989 March
Terrible photocopy of a nice chart showing various stones and their characteristics such as response to torch heat, acid baths, steam etc1989 March
Note stating total of 14 presidents including current (Dick Koch), and mentioning details of how club began when Hugh Leiper (then editor of LJ encouraged Harry and Laura Condo to start the club). Bill and Della Judd were members number 0001 and 0002.1989 March
Article discussing how to handle opal and asking is it a bad luck stone?1989 March
President Message numerous tips and reasons to stay involved in the AOS over a period of years1989 February
Comment on opal prices reflected in The Guide. Black opal up 30-40% in three months.   -Further comments on world wide wholesale pricing, note that prices on white and crystal have reached $500 per carat for top material.1989 February
Article reprinted from booklet titled Gemstones discusses reason for colors in opal diamond and labradorite. Note, this article states smaller silica spheres produce only blue and violet color play.1989 February
Poem The Black Opal1989 February
Advertising rates Page with blocks and prices1989 February
Note about a mine open for fee digging in Idaho-$125 per day! *(with editorial discussion about size of silica spheres)*1989 February
News that show location will now be Cal State Long Beach with expanded jewelry design contest, and opal seminar1989 January
Board meeting report: news of elections, show report, new dues of $201989 January
Tale of looking at items in sale displays1989 January
President's message1989 January
Election ballot1988 December
Jewett Pattee was president (13th)1988 December
Article titled Opal Report describing how Australian opal exporting dropped from 95% of production to 50%1988 December
Small notes about value of Australian and Mexican opal1988 November
President message noting election comes in December1988 November
OC chapter news written by chapter Prez Brian Franks noting Noel Lamkin gave presentation on wax modeling for casting1988 November
Mention of wire wrapping demo at general meeting by Linda Rau1988 November
Gilson synthetic article by Earl Spendlove extensive discussion of efforts down through time to create synthetic opal and a fair amount of detail on how to work with the material-(this article reprinted from Rock & Gem 9/88 issue)1988 November
Article from the Pegmatite-San Diego newsletter about the opal show held in September...notes 14,000 guests (Is this for real!?) and 30 dealers.  List of opal sites notes new Honduran black. Demos included1988 November
Vince Jarrell carving and Brian & Jolen Punches wire wrapping1988 November
President's message notes show was OK, but that September was a poor month in which to hold it1988 October
Excerpt of article in Gems and Gemology the publication of the GIA. Article deals with where color comes from in gemstones, specially dealing with diffraction effects.1988 October
President's message gives rundown of upcoming show and final details (note that there are 30 dealers and 63 tables reserved)1988 September
Excerpt from a National Jeweler article (July 6, 1988) about rising prices of opal in both Idar Oberstein and the US attributable mainly to Japanese demand1988 September
President's message discusses club activity at various other club's shows both display cases and demonstrating1988 August
Article about Mexican opal Fire opal: Pride of Mexico1988 August
Article Everything You Wanted to Know About Caring for Silver Jewelry lists numerous tips for protecting fine silver1988 August
Poem by Frank Leechman Heart Of Opal; excerpt from the Curious Lore Of Precious Stones about the beauty of opal noting that the bad luck rumor started in the 19th century1988 August
Article charting A Classification And Description Of Australian Opal which gives several interesting categories1988 July
Story The Birth Of An Opal (dedicated by the author to the late Ernest G. Sherman) by Leila C. Redshaw1988 July
Table showing approximate weight of cut opals by finished size of stone; also table of equivalent weights in various measures1988 July
Excerpt from Curious Lore Of Precious Stones suggesting that the bad luck reputation of opal may have come from old times when stone setters had to pay for opals if they broke during the setting process1988 July
Opal: The Queen Of Gems article describing opal mythology1988 June
Picture (nice grey scales) of 7 Outstanding Women Gemologists two of whom (Ruth Gold and Hazell Neefus) are AOS members. All 7 are being honored by the Association of Women Gemologists in their Woman Gemologist Of The Year contest.1988 June
Discussion of a cutting session at the meeting including tip do not overheat the opal1988 June
Board of directors’ actions note that it was voted to discontinue seminars at the annual show! (No explanation, maybe see board minutes)1988 June
Article Unique & Colorful Opal by Nancy K. Hays of GIA lengthy discussion of all aspects of opal: lore, mine sites around the world, types of opal, care of opal, evaluation of opal1988 June
President's message describes a number of opal fee digging sites (Virgin Valley and Opal Canyon)1988 May
Further discussion of fee sites (USA) Spencer Idaho, Virgin Valley are detailed, several others are listed1988 May
Tips on carving techniques from Vince Jarrell1988 May
Good discussion of Appraisal Kit instructions and example of completed Appraisal Form applying instructions to a sample opal1988 May
Reprint of letter from Phil Pearl1988 May
President's message discusses historical background of opal and compares to today's circumstances where even the average citizen on the street can own one1988 April
Reprint of March 1988 LJ article Flashes In Black Opal by Ted Themelis, A.G. discusses diffraction and color play, generally weak.1988 April
Paul Downing's Valuing Cut Opal article concluded1988 April
First installment of Paul Downing's article Valuing Cut Opal1988 March
How to Speak Strine listing of Australian terms from National Geographic;1988 February
Also notes Paul Downing is published in Dec 1987 Rock & Gem article on evaluating cut opal-note this Opal Express article claims Paul uses the AOS evaluation system;1988 February
Treasurer report showing outstanding balance at year end of 1987 as $3,093.98 to the good; Page from the founding chapter listing their separate activities1988 February
Orange County chapter page notes separate talk and dues;1988 February
Press release dated 1/15/88 for an opal find and black knobbies for sale in a price range $50 to $2,000 each from Rod Griffin based USA in San Francisco;1988 February
Gemstone carving article about Marvin Wilson (poor photocopy will not reproduce from this version).1988 February
Extensive article discussing how to select areas of rough for finished stones and proceed with cutting by Marvin Wilson1988 January
Pres msg states 1987 saw new members and creation of Orange County chapter1988 January
Pres msg also mentions refining appraisal kit and falling dollar against international currencies will raise price of opal1988 January
OC chapter to work on subject of opal photography sharing successes and failures1988 January
Opal Vocabulary listing from LJ June 19861988 January
Note about more opal still coming from Coober Pedy - reprinted from Jeweler's Circular-Keystone Nov 19871988 January
Be a Show Off article from LJ June-19861988 January
Note about new claims being staked and miners in new clothes/cars etc1987 December
Other Page of Carvin' Marvin's article on solutions to cutting flawed rough using carving1987 December
Reproduction of front Page from the Coober Pedy Times dated august 1986.1987 December
Show report...attendance about same but less business transacted. One incident of suspicious persons.1987 November
One Page of the Carvin' Marvin solutions to cutting a flawed piece of rough (continued in next month issue)1987 November
Listing of show dealers for 1987 show1987 October
Mention in show article about having a silent auction at the show1987 October
Review of last meeting where opal photography was the topic1987 October
Printing of opal evaluation form1987 October
Article by Brian Franks discussing selection of rough in terms of valuation and yield. Same page notes the A. Goodman opal video and Paul Downing's Opal Cutting Made Easy video and book.1987 October
Item by item discussion of buyer - dealer relationship. Also advice to buyers both wholesale/retail on what constitutes a fair price.1987 October
Show update...problem with table layout mentioned1987 September
Chapter reports1987 September
Chart showing opal carat weight by measured dimensions of cabs1987 September
President’s report of going to a private gem show featuring tourmaline and a suggested field trip to dig at the Pala Mines1987 September
Reference to a new videotape for beginning opalholics called All About Opal by A. Goodman...AOS help with this video is recognized in the credits1987 September
Letter from Phil Pearl at the Ridge1987 September
Continuation of John Hall's History of the AOS (this installment includes the events leading to the formation of the AOS including Hugh Leiper's-LJ Managing editor-encouragement)1987 September
Article discussing Coober Pedy and Mintabie production1987 September
Reiteration of jewelry contest rules1987 August
Description of general meeting where everyone brings their hobby and demonstrates it.1987 August
Article about noodling the tailings for tourmaline in Pala Mines1987 August
Article on making triplets from Spencer Idaho rough1987 August
Comments on Noel Lamkin's jewelry techniques and use of opal in baroque settings1987 July
Article about the Hayricks boulder opal mine1987 July
Letter from Barbara McCondra from the Ridge dated 5/21/871987 July
Note that list of dealers for Oct show has been closed and all tables reserved already!1987 June
Various notes from other publications about opal prices rising rapidly (like 6% a month in Australia). New lab opal from Inamori Jewelry. From JCK note of new black opal finds in NSW Australia, and new finds of white in Coober Pedy and Mintabie.1987 June
Another note about various countries trying to stop export of rough material in favor of cutting locally.1987 June
Excellent long article about opal mining in Mexico...1987 June
Nice article about Red Rock Canyon by Larry Dobrin1987 June
President’s message discusses trend toward treated stones versus synthetics. Also notes GIA can detect plastic synthetic opal in minutes with new process and equipment.1987 May
Second installment of John Hall's History of the AOS1987 May
Letter from Phil Pearl in Australia discussing recent price increases at the Ridge and describing the buying/selling frenzy going on1987 May
Mine report about Rainbow Ridge in Virgin Valley1987 May
Mine report about Spencer Idaho Opal Mines1987 May
Listing of relative hardness of various gems/minerals1987 May
Attachment questionnaire asking member to respond about what they want for the club1987 May
President’s report of Jewett Pattee on going to Tucson.1987 March
Discusses lack of opal rough available, some buyers getting taken by treated opal. Also a comment about triplets coming out of Australia.1987 March
First installment of John Hall's History of the AOS1987 March
Note about annual opal show, price of tables raised $30 to $175 as of the 1987 show.1987 March
Listing of advertising rates for newsletter..., Full  Page $40 per month, 1/2  Page  $20 per month, 1/4  Page $10 per month, business card $5 per month.1987 March
Creation of Orange County Chapter and report of first meeting held date not mentioned but looks like it was February 19871987 March
Note that February Founding Chapter meeting had talk and slide show presentation by Peter Lewis (now in Australian Parliament), and noted Barbara McCondra to speak at March Meeting1987 March
Rules and request for entries into the Jewelry Design competition being held in conjunction with the annual Opal Show1987 March
Show info noting dealer contracts have already been sent out!1987 March
Reprint of LA Times article detailing opal in Australia, Coober Pedy.1987 March
Show results items including jewelry design contest winners, and raffle winners1986 December
More show news; and item regarding possible formation of an Orange County chapter1986 December
More show biz news including notes about the financial results ($1,000 in the red) at the end of the show.1986 December
Impregnation (continued from last issue) discussion about gemstone treatments listing patented processes etc (from the June 1986 issue of Modern Jeweler)1986 December
Some High Moments discusses the various people who attended the show from distances.1986 December
Bottom of Page paragraph...Dr. Opal column with questions and answers about how to handle opal. This one asks how to maintain an opal's brilliance...three suggestions are given1986 March
Andy Guerette article One Person's Opinion asking for input for the newsletter1986 March
Note that this month marks the 19th anniversary of the founding1986 March
Chapter (therefore the society as a whole?) and Larry Dobrin (past1986 March
President and current show chairman) to give March general meeting presentation about California opal specifically Nowak Mine.1986 March
Listing of presidents down through the years1986 March
Description in pres msg about using the appraisal kits at last meeting with Dick Koch, Ross Stambler and John Hall helping members evaluate their stones.1986 March
That's Not My Job quote1986 March
Note about show stating all dealers were given memberships1986 March
fairly clear copy of the weight conversion table (this may photocopy or FAX clearly enough to get a clean result for a .PCX file) report on Board of directors meeting1986 March
Good suggestions about getting newsletter input *1986 March
Also discusses annual election procedure of putting nominees in newsletter with request for others to be mailed from members.1986 February
Invitation to start a local chapter anywhere with 10 members nearby1986 February
description of the Hong Kong opal simulant which looks very close to real at first glance. Is very inexpensive and is polymer resin1986 February
Mention that Bill Judd conducts regular workshops every Monday and Tuesday, call for a spot on the list to be there1986 February
(Original Pages, prior to print run)1986 February
Invite to opal appraisal session at meeting...mention of grand premier of 'new' opal appraisal chart1986 February
January meeting included discussion of revising the by-laws and setting up of chapter by-laws1986 February
Pres message explains new by-law changes that make it easier to create chapters.1986 February
January board meeting minutes…1986 February
NEW BY LAWS adopted Chapter By Laws approved1986 February
Last Chance Dues reminder1986 February
Financial statement for year end (shows $14,000+ in activity with a net income of $136)1986 February
Description of next show's jewelry contest rules including that only members may enter1986 February
special issue dedicating the 1984 Opal Show to Marvin Wilson1985 October
Listing of member names who helped with the show, including a note that they had over 1200 visitors to the show!1985 October
Picture collage of the dealers/members at the show with complete listing of their names on 1985 October
Note that Bob Halahan will be November guest speaker on the subject of the Virgin Valley1985 October
Items about Opal books recently published or reprinted, plus donation by Phil Pearl of book to the library1985 October
Upcoming general meeting speaker, Bob Halahan to discuss Virgin Valley digging; previous general meeting topic was triplet making1985 September
How To Cut Triplets From Spencer Opal - article by Doyle Haight (former husband of Claudia Haight) of the Spencer Opal Mines1985 September
Second part of Opal & The World Supply by Wayne D. Hadley; article reprinted from Rock & Gem with permission (see 8/85 Opal Express).1985 September
NOTE this article is probably where Robert Genis got his misinformation about black opal production because this article states there is almost NO great black opal being found in Lightning Ridge anymore!!!  Wrong!1985 September
Next month's guest speaker Clifford Coan to discuss triplet making; last month's talk by Brian Franks on opal cutting and polishing1985 August
Letters to the editor from around the world. Bob Halahan writing from Virgin Valley, Tony Dabdoub from Louisiana about Honduras, Phil Pearl from the Ridge, Gan Bruce also from the Ridge1985 August
Board meeting items-includes comment about starting national chapters1985 August
Article Opal & the World Supply by Wayne D. Hadley reprinted from Rock & Gem (also continued in 9/85 Opal Express). This article has a lot of assertions which are not supported and may be questionable about opal production levels, pricing etc.1985 August
Discussion of cutting techniques. Mentions going from a 220 grit wheel to 220 & 600 grit wet/dry and HAND sanding for final shapes!1985 May
Map and instructions for opal field trip to Nowak Opal Mine1985 May
A Survey Of Opal Available For Purchase article reviews opal sourcesh...Australia, Brazil, Spencer Idaho, Honduras, Mexico, Virgin Valley NV, Red Rock Canyon (Opal Canyon) CA, Little Joe Mine NV, common opal from various sources1985 May
Is It A Precious or Semi-Precious Stone article puts forth argument that the distinction between these terms is meaningless. Suggests instead the use of the term gemstone to encompass all valuable gems.1985 April
Description of March meeting presentation of a tour to Australia by Walter and Joan Abramson1983 April
Demonstration of wire wrapping to make solderless jewelry and mention of a follow-up session where members will make their own1982 November
Jack Smothers talking about cooking matrix opal; mention of having the June meeting be an appraisal session;1982 June
Article by Pat Smallwood about going to the Nowak mine1982 June
Article Look What's Cooking In Opal by D.M. Smothers full two page article about cooking Andamooka matrix1982 June
Srticle Silversmithing Explained for the Beginner by Retha Eaton. Nearly full two Pages covering many hints and pointers about working with silver 1982 June
Full page ad from the Royal Peacock for Virgin Valley opal fee digging ($25 per day to dig in the bank, $10 for the tailings pile)1982 June
Mention that members receive the opal bibliography1981 November
Note that associate memberships are starting to come in (beginning of growth in the society)1980 November
Appraisal form included in newsletter for use at next meeting's appraisal session.1978 April
Julius Lippa is president, discussion of his comments re impact of world monetary conditions on value of opals. Mention is made of honey onyx selling for $7 a ton and in a relatively short time the price climbed to $52 a ton.1978 January
Speaker was AOS member Jimmy Sgro on topic of opal jewelry requirements: (1) must protect the opal; (2) must have balance/appeal; (3) must be durable.1978 January
Mention is made of two other members bringing in finished stones for show-n-tell enjoyment of club at the meeting1978 January
Discussion about casting methods and supplies...list of dealers who stock waxes and how to modify them easily to fit baroque stones.1978 January
Ice Casting: pour molten casting wax over small pieces of crushed ice to get various interesting pieces of solidified wax1978 January
Dues notice indicates dues rate was         $12 for charter chapter         $ 6 for associate members1978 January
Report from the Seattle-Northwest chapter notes their membership has grown to 61 persons1978 January
Report from the Phoenix chapter notes they are as of now a chartered chapter as a result of the efforts of founder Josie Griffith1978 January
Bill Judd's message on the cover states the Phoenix group is Chapter Number FOUR!1978 January
Report on dinner marking 10th anniversary of AOS1977 April
FIRST APPRAISAL FORM published!!!! Also note of explanation1977 April
Single Page only1977 March
Discussion about Cutting Brazilian Opal -Clarence Rudd1977 March
Report on subject of selecting rough...good one! (reprinted in the April 1995 Opal Express)1976 May
Comments on presentation about Spencer Idaho opal. How to dig and work it.1976 April
Nothing much here1975 November
Reference to Magdalena Mexico opal and AOS field trip there.1975 July
Mention of next meeting presentation being a talk about gem identification and valuation by GIA staff member.1975 July
MAP of opal mines in North America1975 July
Mention of synthetics gaining popularity, also copy of article in OC Register about Gilson synthetic coming onto the market.1975 July
Spencer opal below, again somewhat vague but might be usable in it's own right especially in conjunction with an article on the Spencer mine1975 April
Opal Superstitions, and How they are Generated -Vic Mayo (NOTE: this may be Vic Mayo's final piece of writing as editor of The Opal Express)1975 February
item regarding itinerary of a field trip to Mexico1975 February
Vic Mayo says thank you and goodbye as editor1975 February
May be incomplete, Pages loose - any missing (?) on a loose Page that MAY be from another month is the following good article (type face looks like this is a Vic Mayo Page)1975 February
Discussion of WOODDELL Scale of Relative Hardness leading into nice article about how to protect opals in jewelry1975 February
General discussion of Bill Judd's very successful steam casting methods. Reference to working with Lyle Backus on a set of slides depicting his approach (where might these slides be now?).1974 December
Mention of organizing national chapters not being within the budget of the society due to travel costs for Charter Chapter reps to go around the country helping with the startups.1974 December
Reference to the Gryphon Diamond Micro wire saw asking of anyone has experience using it.1974 December
Good stuff on the issue of opal's hardness/softness *1974 November
Discussion of polishing a scratched opal while still in the setting. Then discussion of the Mohs hardness scale and opal's place on it. THEN discussion of the Woodell hardness scale (diamond 42.4, corundum1974 November
still 9.0) which clearly illustrates the logarithmic nature of these scales.1974 November
Discussion of the Opal Show and seminar successes. Not of much interest except that it's another well written article by Vic Mayo.1974 November
appraisal session comments.  (NOTE!!! This is different from the one in the December 1974 Opal Express and the seminar materials from 1972 Show)1974 June
Another appraisal session description with good comments on why and wherefore, plus mention of viewing rough1974 June
Good discussion of Mexican opal1974 June
Discussion of Marvin Wilson's carving skills, with a little about technique. Well written.1974 April
John Sinkankas' letter to AOS requesting comments on US opal sites as background for the second volume of his book Gemstones of North America.1974 April
Note that a program Member & His Opal involved someone discussing what they're doing and showing what they have1974 April
Considerable discussion of lost wax casting presentation including prices and designs of both commercially available and homemade systems.1974 March
Show recap...mention of visitors from all around the world, thanks to the workers etc.1973 November
9/5/94 aside, the newsletter is NOT called The Opal Express yet...1973 November
Mention of last month's talk by Elmer Reed about sales strategies for the Opal Show. Less busy settings, 6x8 and 8x10 most popular cabs, and price range of $35 to $75 sells most.1973 September
Remainder concerns upcoming show details1973 September
Mention of John Hall's trip to dig Spencer ID opal (rhyolite matrix).1973 August
Next meeting to discuss appraisal of finished stones.1973 August
Mention of encountering opal for sale at a swap meet...opal from the Nowak stone 2.3 carats was $300!1973 August
Mention of putting AOS business cards on counters at various rock and lapidary shops1973 August
Something about selling Opal Show tickets at .25 each or 5 for $11973 August
Mention of the Laguna Art Festival with it's jewelry displays. Also same at the Sawdust Festival.1973 August
Reference to The Mineralogical Record Nov/Dec 19711973 July
Issue containing technical and comprehensive discussion of opal structure and play of color.1973 July
Mention that subject of next meeting will include concurrent demonstration of cabbing with diamond equipment, doublet/triplet making, and dopping techniques.1973 July
note about request from around the country for copies of AOS presentations Cutting and polishing Opal and Dopping Opal.1973 July
Good item on making casting flasks *1973 June
Presentation of a member (John Ruskis) about trip to Coober Pedy complete with a 45 minute film. Of particular note was news that Australia was establishing a control of opal exports with the intent to prohibit all rough from leaving the country.1973 June
Great quote from Vic Mayo (editor) about Don Hudson's talk and obituary where everyone died in alphabetical order.1973 June
Note on price of gold, market was $113, Handy  & Harmon 14K casting gold was $363!!!1973 June
Description of using auto exhaust pipe to make casting flasks.1973 June
First issue by Vick Mayo with graphics1973 May
discussion of opal treatment techniques from the general meeting, emphasis is on treating the matrix surrounding opal to enhance the background for the play of color 1973 May
Mention that John Ruskis will be speaker at next meeting1973 May
Long discussion of the opal show and how it is organized1973 May
Mention of Bill Judd's offer of his workshop for member use and learning techniques1973 April
Discussion of Clarence Rudd's talk at the general meeting discussing classification...1973 April
Reference to a number of books on fire pattern, base color etc.1973 April
Mention of next month's presentation of methods to treat opal as a round table discussion of everyone's experiences1973 April
Reprint of an article on the price of gold and an extensive discussion of how it is fixed in London1973 April
Discussion of carving techniques by Carvin Marvin Wilson1973 April
Report of Mark Stetler's talk about his Spencer Opal Mine1973 March
Mention and bio. of next meeting speaker to be Clarence Rudd on the subject of Classification and Identification of Opal1973 March
Mention of Elmer Reed speaking to the Leasure World Rock and Mineral Club on the subject of What Would You Like To Know About Opal.1973 March
Reprint of article from California Mining Journal about an opal rush in the town of Angledool, Australia1973 March
Gold price rises1973 March
Mention of another book... on diamonds1973 March
Mention that the first showing of the Elmer Reed/Ross Stambler slide show presentations (Dopping of Opal) & (Basic Handling of Opal) drew a large crowd of 48 members and 12 guests.1973 February
Mention of Don Hudson scheduling Mark Stetler of Spencer opal mines to be guest speaker.1973 February
Comments about a more preliminary slide show to precede the two about dopping and handling...something that will introduce opal generally showing rough and finished stones, jewelry etc.1973 February
Mention of several books on gems and jewelry with fine art work and photos1973 February
Comment on the value of rough opal appraisal sessions1973 January
Mention of the slide presentation created by Elmer Reed and Ross Stambler on preparation and cutting of opal being shown for the first time.1973 January
Reprint of an article by one J.C. Humphries regarding the bad Luck myth of opal1973 January
Mention of opal being treated to enhance it's color with reprint of article on treating opal with muriatic acid from Gems & Minerals magazine circa 1965.1973 January
Reference to an opal talk column in Rock & Gem Mag1973 January
Notes greeting new members1973 January
Mention of February 1973 issue of Rock & Gem scheduled to have a special section on Opal…1973 January
How to buy it, Tips from experts, Australian report, How to work it, Shop techniques, and Special projects1973 January
Mention of treatments of opal including a smoke treatment used on Mexican opal.1972 December
Welcome note to guests who came to meeting after attending the opal show1972 December
Note that December meeting will be a workshop on evaluating rough1972 December
Reference to Marv Wilson being Technical Editor with respect to having a column for the opal society in Rock & Gems magazine1972 December
Mention of market price of 14k casting gold at $50 to $53 per ounce  being high [my how times have changed!]1972 December
Are you one of those who casts their own rings?... through text approximately $8.00 cheaper)1972 December
Discussion of addresses for buying casting gold in general; (Note, the above predates abandonment of the govt gold standard in '76 or thereabouts)1972 December
Note on using automotive exhaust pipes (which are stainless steel) for casting flasks1972 December
Price list of red velvet lined gift boxes1972 December
Elmer Reed on subject of smoke treated black Mexican opal.1972 December
Discussion of October meeting...misc ramblings1972 November
Mention of one Brain Lingham possible speaker for next meeting on subject of opal mining in Australia.1972 November
list of winners of prizes at opal show1972 November
Kudos to show workers (editor Vick Mayo)1972 November
Discussion of July meeting appraisal session (reprinted excerpts in Sept 1994 newsletter). Includes valuation comments and note about appeal factor being a multiplier.1972 August
Letter from Bill Whittle about appraising opal jewelry at the August meeting.1972 August
Letter from Phil Bass about purpose of opal show is for members to exhibit their collections1972 August
Comment that a rumor is about of an eastern firm producing artificial opal1972 August
Description of the Laguna Festival of the Arts, in particular the opal jewelry on display. Also mentions the sawdust festival. (Vick Mayo editor)1972 August
Mention that June meeting was Don Hudson's presentation on how light becomes play of color (note this isn't the issue with the Where the Color Comes From article)1972 July
Mention that July and August meetings will be appraisal sessions.1972 July
July on finished stones, August on opal jewelry.1972 July
5th annual show to be Oct 14-15, 19721972 July
Mention that the society makes the display cases to be used at the opal show1972 July
Report from show prize committee (decision to abandon collecting blue chip stamp books from members)1972 July
Invitation to associate members to try and make it to the general meeting if they're in town on vacation, business etc1972 July
Listing of current board of directors1972 July
Mention that copies of the club by-laws are always at the meetings for members to review, and that anyone wishing a copy may request it be mailed to their address1972 July
Mention of viewing the book Australian Precious Opal by Dr. Kalokerinos with an Optivisor. Made the opal pictures appear 3-D.1972 July
Copy of appraisal form (3-25-71 revision) (editor Vick Mayo)1972 July
Mention of the Society having a sales booth at the annual opal show.1972 April
Note (with no details) that the last presentation related to the subject of determining/estimating how many cut carats a rough parcel might yield.1972 April
Mention that next month's presentation will be on the history of opal from oldest Hungarian to newest Brazilian1972 April
(editor Tom Alexander)1972 April
Carving explanation not bad although very vague when taken alone1972 April